Over the weekend a random UK-based man with 152 followers started the Twitter trend  #Why I’m Not Attracted To Black Girls.  At first glance I thought user Mike Skeeva  was of mixed race origin but it turns out he is Caucasian with a deep tan and claims “I’m not racist I like black culture.”.

Anyway old Mike clearly forgot just how powerful Twitter is and how fast tweets spread because within minutes thousands picked up on his controversial trend followed by his offensive tweets about black women.

Then user Jack Sullivan from Essex (photographed in a night club flanked by two young black women) decided to jump on the black women bashing bandwagon.  He tweeted   #Why I’m Not Attracted To Black Girls followed by an explicit and disturbing picture of a naked black woman and followed it up with:

Black female users who took offence to Mike’s tweets and accused him of racism were then hit with a volley of verbal abuse from brainless lost young black British men (see above) who actively went out of their way to defend Mike. Black women were told they were “lonely pricks” with attitudes for daring to defend themselves.

Hahahaha yes folks that is the best comeback these fools could muster up.

Chair of the London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium and activist Lee Jasper spotted the trend and tweeted in response:

#WhyImNotAttractedToBlackGirls Black males agreeing with this stupid statement stop it now – your embarrassing yourself and your family.

After receiving some serious cannon fire backlash hours later Mike then attempted to calm the situation down by stating that “it’s just Twitter and banter” along with “it’s just a joke to me” followed by “it’s over now, go away”.


Mike who I am assuming hangs out with a predominately black crowd has clearly been given licence by his black friends to pass off his racist commentary as “banter”. But to be honest what that clown has to say doesn’t bother me.

WHAT DOES bother me is the mind-set of some of these 3rd and in some cases 2nd generation black British men?  Why would you a black man with a black mother, sisters, grandmother, aunts and cousins join in with this madness, verbally abuse black women for defending themselves and then attempt to run with the same old tired excuse “it’s just banter

What is going on here?

To quote reader Melissa:

Poor old ‘banter’ always gets the blame for their ignorance and lack of intelligence.

These men have got some serious issues.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. This kind of foolishness seems to be really big in the UK!!!!! All while i was visiting….all i saw was Black brothers with white women… SORRY I HAVE TO SHAKE MY DAMN HEAD!! Where is this coming from?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME OF OUR BROTHERS OVER IN THE UK??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. wots the guy talkin bout black pussy lookin like a wound from a rusty axe? white pussy is red/pink usually and that looks more like a wound lol.

  3. Moreno, i do believe that some Black men here have their own “colour issues” within themselves that they don’t want to pass onto their children, hence the intentional seeking out of lighter or white women to have kids with. Some of them are so obsessed with light and mixed, they see it as some sort of status to have in a partner or their children. This never gets addressed, as society are too busy knocking Black women for not being married, pointing out their parenting flaws when Black inmate statistics are a news topic or bashing them as single parents.

    Looking at the hate some of them possess towards us is crazy. What Black woman did them so, that this is the view they have of us? Some of these guys are darker than the women they diss about their complexion yet call them ugly and all sorts of other names. So what does that make them?

    Real modern day minstrel, tap dancing, slave mentality antics are rife. We don’t need the BNP, EDL etc with people in our very own race acting even worse than them.

    Please non-black women everywhere if you see these types of black men, do us women a favour and take them please. We don’t want them either.

  4. Lost idiots. I was actually really upset reading the level of anger and hatred towards black women/girls from black men. I was like AGAIN its every week now can we catch a break.

    This Mike character felt it was OK for him to start a TT on this as he would be backed up.
    If you read his whole time line he actually said “I think I’m going to start a TT on #Why I’m Not Attracted To Black Girls tomorrow” some fool then told him why wait why not start it today…he lit the match and the Team UK just threw oil on the flames.

    No other race of men will disrespect women so publicly. A lot of Black men in the UK are pathetic and weak imo. They don’t seem to realise that by dissing their women so publicly that they are not going to be respected as men by anyone. Men in most communities protect their women ours sadly don’t.
    Also it is quite clear some black men in the UK have serious self hate issues.

    Even more disturbing that private parts were brought up….very interesting they obviously dont know the history of Saarje Baartman……

  5. I think Mikeskeeva might actually be 1/4 mulatto .He looks the part . he has an actual mulatto nephew , he put his pic up and of course he has about 4 black male buddies. I can’t believe they gave him the licence to trash an entire ethnicity/gender.

    The under cooked steak thing. I ain’t heard that one before.

  6. @ Moreno, I have seen a lot Black American Men trash Black American woman too ( the same nonsense). Black men all around the world loves to hate on Black women ( from south America to Africa). The only difference is in the US you tend to have a more unite Black community and it’s still a bit taboo to date White Women..

    To get back to the tweet, funny how the same Black Men don’t hesitate to trash and humiliate us but yet are expecting us to support them no matter of what.

  7. Hello London Diva it has been a while …. How are you? Well I must agree with you… I guess for me I was really wondering where they got such self hate from. Yes I can blame the media but what were their parents teaching them. I grew up in a household that was really encouraging….and very pro Black. I have no tolerance for anyone one bashing a Black woman. And especially anyone who came from one… that makes no sense. When I was visiting a while back… may every other brother I saw … were all teeth with a white chick. All I could do was SMH…. EVEN WHEN HE LOOKED AT ME. Even one of my facebook friends tried to warn me he was dating a white chick… Because he know how I felt about it.. just form my post alone… It’s really sad when you read about anyone talking that kind of lick out of a BLACK WOMAN!! And he thinking it’s ok… and others thinking it is ok as well. What in the hell is going on here! The Black woman did nothing to anyone if you get my point. The reason a Black woman acts the way she act is because of what a lot of sorry azz negros did to her. I’m just over this …makes no sense and it pisses me off. @Nubiahbella… And yes it has happened over here in the states… But in no way to I see every other Black man with a white woman…. I feel what you’re saying it is just shameful to me. The lack of respect given to the Black woman… is shameful…. I say we should start a campaign….. I’m so glad I don’t have a daughter….because someone would be hurt if they ever disrespected her like this…

  8. I saw a tweet discussing this topic which said ‘Why are black people always arguing with other black people to get them to like black people’

    Sad that none of them realised we are fighting to get them to love themselves.

  9. @Omzym: “@ChendGolden: Blacks always fighting with other black to get blacks to love being black.” < its a vicious cycle

  10. WTF………………………. I’m close to giving up on black guys in the UK. I had enough of this whilst I was there. In the UK where I was living people were double taking because I was walking with a black woman that’s how messed up it’s got now and I’m not even joking.

    I was just reading a book called Sister Citzen about black female sterotypes put it down to check here and this comes up. I can’t believe this white guy or whatever he is is disrespecting black woman and black men are agreeing, can you imagine if a black man done this about white women, my question is what is so good about white women……… What makes black women open season is black men disrespecting black women in music etc.

    I’ve been out with white women and seriously don’t know what all the fuss is about, white women are serious control freaks what you expect the white race are control freaks.

    I agree with Moreno, I’m from the UK proud to be black and love black women and then when I say this, black women and men have said I should be an American, in the US you actually have famous black men with black women like Will Smith, Lebron James, Jay-Z and Denzel Washington in the UK it’s nada.

    @London Diva I agree, my cousin with a white chick the kids are so light they could pass for white and he likes that, one day I said to him why you putting so much sun creme on and he said because I don’t wanna be dark I couldn’t believe what the hell I was hearing

    I always defend men but this time I put my hands up, alot of black men in the UK are weak, pampered, with no damn backbone, no ambition who’ve been spoilt by their mum, acting like overgrown boys with fragile egos and don’t want a black woman becauce she’s gonna tell them what’s up and push them to stand up to be the men they are because they love them.

    When the GB sprinters went to Jamacia to train, the JA runners were failing about laughing at how soft and pampered the guys were. True Story.

    This is why the black men who do get with white women are treated like pricks by the women because the guys don’t even respect themselves or their culture and then it’s takeover time.

    I read a science article not that long ago, which said that people who love themselves date people who look like themselves, what does that say about black men.

  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if this Skeeva guy was JewISH, this looks like one of their classic manouevres. Beware of chieftains and idiots especially on Twitter who start contentions only to step back and watch the dust and the sparks fly, while they sip on juice and eat popcorn watching the entertainment you provide in ignorance unfold in front of them.

    The 2nd and 3rd generation of blacks in the UK have been steadily fed via intravenous drip aswell as being heavily brought up on Babylon’s nutritional supplements, part of which is to hate your own people and to embrace whitey as the saviour and the “standard” to abide by, and with each new generation of young blacks that are raised up, the situation worsens.

    Young black youth today are much more accustomed to jumping instantaneously to the beckoning of the “man” and dancing to the piping of whitey’s goat horn, something which the older generation in general are repulsed by. Our young black youth for the most part are lost, most of them cannot be saved for their pending destruction, so it is not about getting upset and languishing over all.

    It is all about going in amongst the zombies and pulling out those who still have a functioning brain, have the ability to think and reason for themselves, who are looking for truth and who see this system and what it promotes to them as so called “trendy” and “fashionable” for what it really is.

  12. This Mike looks and sounds like a major dick head. What’s the matter Mike black women been turning you down ? Idiot.
    BTW @Tymusic what’s with promoting a rappers music. What does he have to with this topic?

  13. These black men’s karma comes when their bi-racial daughters internalize the hate from their fathers and ultimately choose white men, further washing out the black from their future bloodline. And can you blame them?

  14. Some kind of recessive, post slavery ‘bruk brain’ epidemic is going on with these fool arsed, self hating men and it is scary.

    They came from the same “mash up, flesh wound looking” vaginas that they are cussing, the same ones that went through pain and distress to bring their weak minded asses into this world.

    I pray we are blessed enough to have children because my husband and I will do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure we do not raise f**wits like the fools quoted in the original post.

  15. Many black women publicly berate and emasculate their men, but you only ever hear a public outcry when men do it. Don’t the women who say these things have brothers, uncles, fathers and grandfathers?

    Who ever said all that ish on twitter was wrong for generalising all black women. And no black person should ever tolerate a non black person saying anything offensive about their people, male or female.

    I still don’t understand why black women get so heated when a black guy dates a white woman. Unless he acts like Ashley Cole, a bamboozled Uncle Tom, his sex life hasn’t got anything to do with you. I’ve seen black girls who never take an interest in a certain black guy until they’ve got a white girl on their arm and then they will be giving the guy dirty looks or shaking their stupid heads.

  16. @taylor i would rather promote this particular rapper than promote the debate the fools who set up that trend on twitter… what i did was post something else for folks to support or pay attention to .. rather than this madness…. alright? taylor

  17. White men have been using the weak feeble minded Negros to destroy our community. Look at the poor leaders in Africa who are the new face of White supremacy – Allowing soldiers to rape and pillage African people due to their loyalty to the White man.

    These niggers in this post (that’s what they are) are the greatest allies of White supremacist ideology, because like Malcolm X said – If the white man cannot reach the Negro, he will get some boot-licking, buck-dancing Negro to do it.

  18. @ty If you want to promote rappers then why not do it on your own forum if you have one. Or doesn’t the rapper have the tools to promote his music? I don’t understand the need to just dump it in the thread to create a distraction that no one has asked for.

    @Ladydee20 You took the words right out of my mouth.

  19. @ty and it’s not up to you to decide what or what doesn’t get promoted on someone else’s site. unless I’m wrong and you actually own the site #imjustsaying

  20. Jus :
    Many black women publicly berate and emasculate their men, but you only ever hear a public outcry when men do it. Don’t the women who say these things have brothers, uncles, fathers and grandfathers?
    Who ever said all that ish on twitter was wrong for generalising all black women. And no black person should ever tolerate a non black person saying anything offensive about their people, male or female.
    I still don’t understand why black women get so heated when a black guy dates a white woman. Unless he acts like Ashley Cole, a bamboozled Uncle Tom, his sex life hasn’t got anything to do with you. I’ve seen black girls who never take an interest in a certain black guy until they’ve got a white girl on their arm and then they will be giving the guy dirty looks or shaking their stupid heads.

    Please provide specific examples of this public beration that black women do towards black men please?

    Most black women don’t actually care when black men date white women, that is a myth. Most couldn’t care less, some black men however feel the need to slate black women to justify why they ONLY date white or non black women. It is like they want attention from black women or for us to be upset, men like this actually thrive off the negativity some black women show them. I dont rise to it.

    Also I often find when I’m walking on the street that it is often the white/chinese or whatever race woman that is with the black man wants to look in your face and has spotted you before you have even noticed them! It is hilarious

    Janice please keep up the good work your blog entertains me daily ;-0

  21. I have to agree with Jus in some points some black women do publicly berate black men, all black men do this or all black men ain’t sh*t just look on youtube but in the US you do hear a public outcry and yes the funny things is I have seen some messed up black women who don’t take an interest in a black man until he’s walking along the street with a white woman, but there was one thing you missed out it’s a pretty white woman not the busted white women I see black guys rocking,it’s like they’re thinking damn he’s with a pretty white woman he must have it going on.

    I’ve seen in the other way round too a pretty white girl walking along the street with a black guy and suddenly black guys think she’s game thinking ‘Damn she doesn’t look like the type who would go for black guys but she’s with that brother, next time I see her I’mma give it a shot’

    I agree with Ice Queen as well most black women born and raised in the UK don’t really care there’s so many black guys in the UK doing it now they’re probably immune to it and yes it is the white women who are like look at me I’ve got your man and waiting for a reaction.

    Like I’ve said before I’ve grown up with white women my whole life, alot of black men don’t understand white women, and that’s why the white women mess them 100 times more than any black woman.


  23. Lol at some comments!!!!

    Like Black men do not look at Beautiful Black women dating non-Black men… yet they were not checking for them before. Since a lot of Black Men love to think that other races of men don’t find Black women attractive.

    Some Black women do support fools who will never support them publicly.
    Few do bash black men but it will never outnumber Black men who do so.

  24. I’m not interested or bothered with the white woman with Black men. Now if ANY woman was with MY man then I’d have a problem with it. I’m not against IR dating (never done it myself) what I’m against is the dumb shit as a reason for doing so, the common ones being “I’m tired of Black men” or “Black women have too much attitude” or the ones who have so much embedded self hate they don’t want to run the risk of having a Black child for fear of a particular hair type or prefer lighter skinned babies.

    It goes BOTH ways for me, just because I’m a woman it doesn’t mean I condone their bullshit. I abhor women who cheat the exact same way men cheat. I abhor women who slate Black men, the same way I abhor Black men who slate us. I HAVE seen these female ingrates lay into Black men as a whole and then think dating White will solve all their relationship problems or they’ll get that dumbly termed “good hair” baby they’ve always dreamed of. What I haven’t seen yet is Black women coming together in this type of way like it’s commonly done to us via Twitter to degrade and humiliate us.

    Ever noticed the trending topics quite often go after Black people as a whole or just Black women as a group. Do the white, asian, indian communities have their men do this to their women?

  25. @tymusic It’s not really your place to try and push your own agenda on someone else’s blog. I mean, do you have delusions of grandeur or something because what you have done is like walking into someone’s yard, sitting at their dining table and demanding they change around their furniture to suit your taste. You just don’t do it son!

  26. Whilst I do agree that this so called ‘banter’ is disgusting, and the participants even more so, I honestly think it’s more saddening. I don’t care about inter racial relationships; in fact I support them more than anything. One day, everyone will be so mixed that the idea of racism will be ludicrous. What saddens my heart is the disrespect the men show towards their woman. Not only are they racist, but they’re sexist too? I do blame them, but at the same time, it trickles down to society. Black woman are not painted in a good light. Ever. So black people will be conditioned to believe that the whiter you are, the easier it is to have a good life, and heck, who wouldn’t want an easier life for their children? Having also been born in the U.K but having travelled all over the world, I will not sit idly by as my home is insulted. Yes, this trended in the U.K, (that is awful) but in terms of racial diversity, England is better than most countries, probably technically better than america (I mean look at the whole bible belt and the next potential dickhead of a president) In predominately black countries, (i.e jamaica, nigeria, tobago…etc) I was told that my skin was beautiful (I took the compliment) because it was such a light brown (I then tried to take back the compliment as I was not amused) I would like to say that it is just in few certain places of the world that being lighter skinned is desirable, but alas, that would mean me lying. Most countries and every race on a whole has a conditioning that the paler you are, the better you are. The oriental and asian race are exactly the same, The only people I think are not affected, are small Amazonian tribes that would most likely spear a white person if they saw one, for fear of them being some ghost legend or something. (tad stereotypically racist, but true) I support couples of the same race or interracial relationships, you can not expect a person to love someone just because they are the same race, love doesn’t work like that, but these people need to be taught respect. And get hit in the crotch area maybe more than once…

  27. This Jack Sullivan is having a twittter meltdown like the whole post was about him. Attention seeking twits!!

  28. Well done for highlighting this Janice. Inciting racial hatred on social networks aint the one.
    @tymusic Meh. I would rather focus on this blog post if that’s alright with you.

  29. I know this is an old thread but I HAD to comment. I live in the UK & this is terrible EVERY single black male over here thinks like this. Don’t matter if they live in the ghetto or in suburbs. They have this stereotypical view of black woman that their master gave them. And they always get their white mates to join when those white mates have been given the ” card” that allows them to be racist, being racist towards black women is totally fine but apparently if that same white friend was to say something about black guys all hell would brake loose. I follow that guy on twitter the one who was talking about darkskin vague. Urghh he’s always got black women at the tip of his fingers he’s a horrible human being and so are the rest if the black boys especially from Birmingham n London. This is a NORMAL mindset for black guys over here, now they are allowing white & other ethnicities to throw mud at black women smh. I never want to date a black guy or a white guy nowadays. Honestly, back in the days I was like ohh black love blah blah blah. But now ? Smh I’ve literally no exaggerated lies, seen about 2-3 black couples in 2012 alone. NO LIE. UK black men of Caribbean heritage notoriously lust after white/ lightskin women. They say crap about dark women having attitude but when they talk about lightskin women who are STILL BLACK apparently they don’t have an attitude and they get put on a pedistool like white women do smh. I’m sick to death of black men & now I’m sick to death of these wiggers who think its okay to be racist on the black mans say so. And this is defo a growing trend. I never will marry/date or even look at a black guy or a white guy for that matter. Both of them are just as bad as each other. I rather be alone unwed and childless before I even continplait dating these guys uggghh. I’m so done.

  30. black girls are just ugly get over it if you were good looking men would be after you no matter how much ( attitude) you have lol

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