Former Chelsea FC star and now out of work footballer Leon Knight (29) has been suspended from the social networking site Twitter after encouraging his male followers to email him explicit photographs of their former girlfriends to humiliate them.

After posting a few photographs Twitter intervened and shut the clown down after receiving a flurry of complaints.

The born loser launched the campaign with the hashtag “Slag Alert Pictures” along with ‘It’s judgment day bitches’. He then tweeted to one user who opposed his campaign:

“The thing is, your a boss when it’s time to open ur  legs. But I’m the boss on this! Say my name again and I’ll expose ur whole life”.

CLICK HERE to read Leon’s tweets.

While some supported his foolish antics others with sense voiced their disgust.

The Voice Online later reported that Knight’s Wikipedia page had been hacked in response to the “campaign”. The hacked page read:

“Leon Knight is a 29-year-old ex-footballer who now sits at home on benefits in his undies eating pot noodle butties and bullying girls on the internet.”

CLICK HERE to read more about Leon Knight.

I can’t say that I feel particularly sorry for former Celebrity Big Brother contestant and bully Danielle Lloyd (yeah Danielle I haven’t forgotten the way you and your cronies treated Shilpa Shetty in that house). 

Several months ago Knight tweeted the former Celebrity Big Brother star’s husband footballer Jamie O’Hara and called her a “hoe” because of her track record with footballers. O’Hara later contacted the police who investigated the offending tweet.

Danielle “dated” a lot of footballers before hooking up with Jamie O’Hara. It was her number one mission in life to latch on to a rich premiership player and she eventually found one silly enough to put a huge rock on her finger.

But anyway back to Knight. The man has too much time on his hands  He needs to go and look work ASAP.

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  1. I clicked on the link and read what this boy (this is NOT a man) spouted on Twitter. I’m beyond disgusted. Who raised him? God forbid if he has a daughter or ever has one one day. He would not like anyone doing this to her. People who are seeing each other are allowed to send nude pics, (even though it’s dumb especially when dating someone famous, or you are famous) but what’s out of order is using those pics to incite fear, abuse and death threats.

    As for Danielle Lloyd, well if that was her mission to bag a footballer she succeeded. At least she had a job and a career of her own while seeking these guys out. Her marriage to her husband and two boys are her business and so far she seems to be doing well in both roles, I’m sure her husband knew exactly who she was when he married her, and like a lot of people the birth of her children (especially with what she went through) have changed her too and matured her, if not a little.

    No real difference to me IMHO of a lot of footballers who seek out a certain type of woman (and in a lot of the cases of Black footballers anything White) as a trophy. Some footballers want a trophy wife, some of these women want rich footballers. Funny, they get these women and shower them with gifts and money, the minute the relationship is over they’re gold digging whores.

  2. For real @LondonDiva – well said especially your last paragraph I couldn’t have said it better!!

  3. What a fool, I used to know him, this guy could’ve been an International footballer he had so much talent and he still has, but the reason why he isn’t working at the moment isn’t because he isn’t good enough it’s because managers just can’t deal with the prick and here’s one of the reasons why, but the truth is it’s not only him doing it, I’ve been seeing things like this coming on facebook.

    I do agree with him about Danielle Lloyd being a hoe, that she is but as London Diva said Jamie O’hara knew this already, to be hinest with you I couldn’t believe she found a guy to have kids with her. I couldn’t marry and kids with a girl who had banged all my teamates and my teamates mates damn but there is someone for everyone.

  4. He is vile, so a woman is a slag because she sends her boyfriend nude pictures. Drop me out! He is a pathetic immature misogynist with too much time on his hands. Go and get a job you waste of space.

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