Best described as an urban thriller, BLUD combines the gritty unpredictable under world with that of the real world and brings you a breath taking journey into the supernatural.

The concept, story and screen play was written byrapper/actor,director Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka. It was also directed by him and produced by his company GRIDLOC FILMS LTD.

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  1. I see a theme amongst Team “Urban” Uk. These films are becoming so predictable. Forget buying a cinema ticket or the DVD I would not even download it for free.

  2. What happened to the other film he released a trailer for last year? Did that come & go right under your nose Jan? I don’t understand releasing a trailer for a film that hasn’t been made yet!?

  3. Im cool with Kruga so thought i’d answer a few of ya questions. For the record…..2DIE4 was teaser and not a trailer and there is a massive difference. They hope to start pre production on that sometime this year. As for BLUD…some people should think outside the box as the box is very narrow. You guys have no clue what its about but when you do….your’ll get the significance of the title. Stop hating and instead lets support UK.

    That is all!

  4. @Shelley I’m not hating at all. That’s the problem in the UK whenever someone gives an opinon it’s hating. How is a title like BLUD thinking out the box when you have film titles like shank? I’m all for black people doing postive things in the UK, but I had to admit the title BLUD did make me laugh.

    I co-sign what Minx said.

  5. Did you guys atcually watch the short film? The short film was heavy and the concept was really good. Its actually called BLUD cuz its a double edged meaning. Its about urban vampires who sell dry blood instead of cocainne or herorin. I think the use of the word was very clever.

    Just my opinion.

  6. Yes I did hence the review.

    Regardless a lot of work needs to be done first before this can graduate in to becoming a feature film.

    “Urban” Vampires – LOL. Do you mean BLACK vampires??

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