Prime Minister David Cameron and John Barnes during the summit

I laughed out loud on the train when I read this story this morning.  How did ITV News manage to get this oh so wrong??? What a mess.

Via The Telegraph

ITV News has apologised after it used the word “coloured” in a report on racism in football.

The offensive term was used during a report by ITV News reporter Richard Pallot on the racism in football summit at Downing Street on Wednesday.

ITV News apologised shortly after the broadcast on its Twitter page and the word has been removed from all future catchup editions of the broadcast, including an edited clip on the ITV News website.

The ITN-produced programme is now investigating how the pre-recorded report that included the word was allowed to be broadcast.

An ITV News spokesman said: “ITV News apologises for the inappropriate use of the word ‘coloured’ in a report on racism and football in today’s News at 1.30pm. We take this error very seriously and we regret any offence caused.”

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LOL @ Prime Minister David Cameron holding a summit on racism in football. I wonder if we will see some changes thanks to this summit.

And look at former footballer John Barnes sitting front and centre next to Cameron. Oh so NOW you want to speak out publicly against racism in football John??? Whatever.  I have a long memory. I will always remember him standing up and publicly defending former football manager/TV pundit Ron Atkinson after he called footballer Marcel Desailly a “f**king lazy thick nigger”.  

Sit down John!

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  1. I think it is over the top that Cameroon is getting involved. He could have just written a letter and moved on swiftly to other things. What exactly is the FIFA president’s job? The only reason they are calling in these big guns is because of this unsolved Terry incident that is hanging over people’s heads. smh

    I wonder how Anton Ferdinand is coping with this thing hanging and dragging on.

  2. Cameron (aka the Devil) is now involved because this is the year of the Olympics. The eyes of the world will be on London, he cannot afford to have this nation seen to be having some serious issues with racism. He’s full of shit!! Racism in football has been going on forever, but yet this is the only time he decides to hold a summit. Jackass!

  3. @Nygard and @moreno…It is an insult! Being called something that makes you feel undermined is an insult…Maybe you should check the definition but if someone treats another person with gross insensitivity it is an insult. Also we are brown! Brown when we are born, brown when were sick and brown when we die, unlike others…who actually are colored..Its a real cheek! White people turn all colors of the rainbow. Red at birth, blue when sick, grey when dead..Do i really need to list them all!

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