Live Magazine is giving away the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFE TIME!!!  You and some friends can win a chicken meal at Nandos with Choice Breakfast Show host and Britain’s number 1 “URBAN” comedian Kojo.

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This is truly hilarious. When it was suggested that  it would be a good idea to set up a competition where the prize is a free dinner at Nandos with Kojo didn’t anyone in the room say ‘nah let’s offer the lucky winner something else. We are only going to set ourselves up for ridicule here if we go ahead with this competition’?


Good luck!

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  1. Kojo isn’t aging well. I used to kind of fancy him back in the day but he’s not looking too hot here. He needs to take a few pointers from Denzel. I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show the other day – 57 and looking 30… jeez! The best my mans ever looked….

    Anyway, nandos, urban – from a marketing perspective, it’s clear they do know their target audience and how easily pleased they are but I agree, not imaginative at all…

  2. “Before it was just talk but they have actually gone ahead with this competition now LOL” Janice you have no idea about this comp or the idea previously discussed, stop pretending you know what is going on and just come and ask me, the PR, you know me, you have my email.

    Anyone here not clear on the hugely beneficial work of Live Magazine for young people, in particular the Nandos Hot Heroes competition please hit me up on my email and I’d be glad to fill you in! info at myvanwyevans dot com

    In the mean time I’d find yourselves something negative to be negative about instead of this really positive comp for young people – life’s hard enough guys.

  3. @ Myvanwy

    But is this “beneficial” work where young people actually see the money manifest into actual projects or is this just more PR(which actually stands for Propaganda to those in the know)? I have heard all this “benefit the young people” cash cow talk before.

  4. not defending my client, I’m defending my work, I work hard and try to do positive stuff.

    sorry ya’ll are so sceptical – I can’t defend PR or entertainment/celebs or how you feel about it, I understand how you feel

    I believe in what I do though and it’s important to me

    Have lovely weekends

  5. Answered like a true politician using the tactic of evasion to dodge responding to specific points. I guess from this response, this means that the money is going into somebody’s pocket but obviously not the purported recipients. Sounds just like Sir Bob Geldof and his Live Aid and Live 8 scamming shinanigans. I’m sure that you will definitely be having a nice weekend with all that “extra” cash in your pocket.

  6. Anyone who follows Janice and Mad News on a regular basis knows that she often makes fun of these UK urban superstars and their love for Nandos chicken. This unprofessional publicist needs to get off her high horse.
    And I fail to understand how sitting down sucking on chicken bones with Kojo is going to help youngsters. How exactly will they benefit from this?

  7. I liken your laughter and open mocking to psychopaths, who normally feel and act the same way towards the victims they SHAFT and use.

    What is funny is these same said people who talk about conducting research, is that they normally are NOT available for comment when you run into information that they believe has been placed under a very deep and long carpet, you know the “oops” information.

    You really don’t want me to do any research on any of this as something dodgy is bound to come up.

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