The title still continues to make my blood boil. When will some of us stop insisting on “reclaiming” a racial slur that we have never owned? It’s laughable. They might as well just call this single ‘Niggers In Paris’ because as far as I am concerned there is no difference between the two.

Those pair of “BRIGHT SPARKS” Kanye West and Jay-Z came up with this title and now a bunch of clowns are also running with it.

I remember when Jay-Z appeared on Oprah and they discussed the use of the word “Nigga”. Oprah who grew up in the deep segregated South is totally against the use of the word and didn’t co-sign Jay’s ridiculous notion that it’s now used as a “term of endearment” and that we have now “reclaimed” the word. Oprah then shut the fool down with this “before black men were rounded up and lynched that was probably the last word they heard”. Jay-Z went silent for a second and replied “I actually never thought about it like that”.



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  1. i am not saying they are right but even if they didnt come up with this title and even if other folks didnt start using it in the titles of their “freestyles” over this beat dont most of these artists use this word in everyday conversation and in their music anyway? the title of this track is nothing different from what they have already been doing.

    Not that it makes it right, I don’t condone the use of the word period because I wasn’t raised using it and I can’t divorce it from the horrible history I have read and heard about that is embedded in the word.

  2. I saw that episode on oprah. And to me j looked foolish. But a lot of black people here in the states feel as j does. I don’t like it and don’t really use the word. But some of mmy friends do. My word is simply Negro! What’s up Negro ! And I have mixed feelings about that as well. Some people really don’t understand the history of that word. And if they do they don’t really care about it. The actress monique feels the same as j does as well. Now people over here use the word ninja instead…..

  3. I think if you want to use it, use the word but own that you’re a dickhead and don’t try to justify it. We are all capable of dickhead moments…sorry that I can’t be bothered to be well adjusted about this topic Jan..

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