Check out up and coming songstress/songwriter Andrea Galaxy’s single Heartbeat, taken from her forthcoming EP  ‘Star Musick Vol. III’.

This is a nice song. I like Andrea’s vibe and vocals.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. she is pretty but she can not sing. put her beside real UK singers like Obenwah and Nadine and she is wack. just saying.

  2. Facebook user :she is pretty but she can not sing. put her beside real UK singers like Obenwah and Nadine and she is wack. just saying.

    Personally I prefer this girls style over shouting neo-soul type singers- overdone- they are all good but this is something different… in my opinon being a good singer isn’t just about who can sing the most riffs or the most notes in a second its also about the tone of a voice and how it sounds in the ear

  3. hmm maz.. i disagree.. with only one thing you s dont sound like you have studied obenewa…. ths is certaintly not a shouty neo soul singer
    i think people prefer what they prefer
    but i think you both ( facebook user and maz )can agree that YOU GUYS LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE…
    personally to me a good singer is a strong singer…. as in a singer that sounds like they are in total control of their range of vocal..
    i think andrea is in her early days and will get better and better with time….
    obenewa and nadine are probably further down the line as far as singing goes…!! IMHO
    GOOD EFFORT FROM ANDREA! keep it coming!

  4. I dont get y u guys r riffing bout who is betta wen none of the singers av even mentioned each others names. they r jus doing they thing like you guys need 2 b doing. Stop trying to put them against each oda wen they can use that energy to keep creating good art. U guys need a life.

  5. Whether you have a powerful voice or not does not determine whether you are a good singer – music is more than just a voice – it’s where the music takes you when you listen to it… many great and extremely successful singers for example Sade don’t have powerful voices but when you lose yourself listening to her soft vocals and style – it’s more than just vocals ! Andrea is very talented not only did she write this sing she arranged the vocals & the melodies – very good effort Andrea & keep it up!!!

  6. I agree with Mere on this one. Big shout to Andrea! Wicked! Keep at it and keep your head up! The only way is forward

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