I wonder what’s brought this on then…..

Anyway I think we all know the answer to Noel’s question which is a big fat NO!

It looks like I will have to keep a close eye on his up and coming project Fast Girls. I look forward to seeing the cast, even though I can already picture what they will look like in my head.

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  1. Wow! I’m actually surprised to see him saying this. Because you know there could be a backlash.. Some may accuse him of being racist anyway! But to me it sounds like he is sick and tired of not seeing Black women in tv and film. Please correct me if i am wrong… Very interesting… I applaud him for just asking that question…. so many are so scared of losing what they have…that they don’t speak out about anything!!

  2. @Moreno

    Regular reader and blogger London Diva pointed out earlier that he didn’t say “black women” he said women of colour.

    So there will probably be one black character (who I am guessing will be played by Shanika Warren-Markland, one mixed race character and one Asian character. So in total three women of colour in the movie. That’s a lot for a UK film hahahaha.

  3. I do love how some black people are so afraid of saying the word black as if it will offend someone. The fact that we can’t say black is more offensive to me!

  4. How about is there a director in the UK got the gutso to put a non-mixed race African/Caribbean Black woman in a starring role.

    The title Fast Girls does not sound appealing to me. will wait n see

  5. I hate this term “people of colour”, since it means really nothing.

    Like White people are the default human and don’t have a colour, lol!

  6. Why do we always have to aplogise and start a line with I’m not being racist….. Noel Clarke is stating a true fact, yet u know he’s scared to say it, but I’m just glad he did

  7. I could say about bloody time.

    One of the worst aspects of the current “Urban” film scene is the lack of any women at its centre/heart call it what you will. They appaer but in most parts the stories are male centred & I’m a guy by the way.

    From Kidutlhood to forthcoming release of Demons Never Die one things for certain woman come off second best. There’s brief glimpse’s of women taking charge say in Rollin with the NInes; Kidulthood both Alisa and more so Becky and more recently Attack The Block (The best “Urban” film date written by a White Public schoolboy who only wrote it because he got mugged!!!).

    It’ll be interested to see whose Noel cast in lead role and like Miss Mad News I’ll be surprised if the lead is say on the more “darker” side. It does really seems that if you want to get ahead in UK film/TV you got to be mixed race. All the films in this genre seem to have mix race women in lead or promenant roles.

    I Just caught a super film about the true life story of the tragic death of a Black Women, Joyce VIncent who died and was left undiscovered for 3 years entitled Dreams of a Life (Opens March 2011 – A Must see by the way) . It stars Zawe Ashton (C4s Fresh Meat & film Blitz) again another MIx Race actor; Last Thursday the BBCs MIxed Race Season kicked off with a BIo-Pic on Shirley Bassey again fronted by Ruth Negga again …

    All I’ll say is there is a market for films that have Black/Women of Colour at there centre and I think they’d make money. Almost every Black Woman I know never seems interested in the current “Urban” films always dismissing them (Quite rightly) as poor copies of KIdulthood.

  8. He wasn’t interested in actually knowing the answer as just last week Janice posted an interview of him stating there were hardly any Black women in UK film & TV. Read his tweet again. It was merely an opportunity to tell the world (da mans dem & Team UK) that he’s going to be The One, the Neo of the UK film industry and change it with his new film.

    Maybe it was just me who saw that tweet as nothing more than narcissism. you ask a question that you blatantly know the answer to, then dont even wait for responses and tell us exactly how you’re going to change that. KMT!

    It’s another example of my UK film pet peeve, telling us how great/game changing your film is before it’s even cast.

    one girl has already been cast, lily james. I thought this film was the horror flick I’d heard about, but it’s the one about girls competing to qualify in the 2012 Olympics.

  9. @London Diva

    Oh so the film is about the 2012 Olympics… right….it all makes sense now..so he will need a few black females in the mix because after all the film is about sport and running.. something we are good at. It wouldn’t look realistic if we weren’t featured running around like National Velvet.

  10. Exactly, running and music! 2 things black people are great at!

    I don’t sense Noel Clarke as a film maker, like Tyler Perry who makes sure as many Black people are employed in everything he does. I’m not saying he’s supposed to be either. So the ‘promise’ of a colourful cast means not a lot to me, as it will be an attempt to ‘pacify’ the audience, just to say “I’ve done it.”

    But now that he’s actually made an issue of it, people will talk and people will watch to see what happens with this project.

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