[Harry’s Law star Aml Ameen]

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  1. ex Harry’s Law they canned him…and i stopped watching… No Blacks on the show anymore. But most Black films need some help

  2. where is the uk answer to Tyler Perry without Madea. – Noel Clarke only does one genre – maybe he will expand and do a bromance romance comedy sans street ya get me seen

    urban as a word dilutes so much of what it is supposed to produce or create

  3. noel clarkes wants to do more…. you can see that he’s doing different stuff.. the problem is the uk film folks are trying to typecaste him into only doing these type of movies…..

  4. Yeah he is no longer a staring cast member. They did mention him as away studying…i’m no longer watching because there are no Black actors on the show. Plus he and this other guy bought a certain…feel to the show that is no longer there. I say this instead of criticizing what Noel is not doing….let say thanks for what he has done for the Black community. No one else is hiring our people so big ups to him. Some people seem to want to attack Tyler Perry here in the states… But i say what are they doing. And how many Black have they employed! There has and always will be and audience for anything you want to see. What you don’t like don’t go see…just that simple. It would be nice to see Noel doing something other than Urban hood things. But at this time he’s doing more than others.. Until the time they think that Black people want more than just hood stuff….it will be this way. The sad part just like here in the states the movies executives think Black people only like coonery and buffoonery. Because some times when something that is of value that is made about us….many Black don’t go see the movie. They would go and see Jason vs predator… But it’s all up to what we demand as consumers. Big ups to Noel. …and i wish him much success…and a wider angle of different types of movies…

  5. Noel has done a film called the Knot, a romantic comedy due out in 2012.

    I’m going to see Victim tomorrow (free ticket from a friend) as part of the Raindance film festival. Honestly I’m not looking forward to seeing it and have very low expectations based on it being a UK film with recycled cast members I’m tired of seeing.

    I saw the trailer for demons never die today. O_o is that supposed to be a UK ‘Scream’…whatever!

    As for Sket….I’m livid on the title alone.

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