Well it’s almost that time again folks when Britain recognises selected areas of black history during the month of October.

Selected areas of black history usually covered during this period…

1) A brief look at the horrors of slavery and then fast forward straight through to Britain abolishing slavery.

2) The Windrush years – when hundreds of West Indians travelled to the “mother country” in 1948 on a ship called The Empire Windrush in search of a better life and more opportunities as promised by the old Empire.  What happened and the hardships they faced after they arrived is usually played down and glossed over.

3) A look at famous black Britains who are usually sports stars, some of which would rather not acknowledge their skin colour or history.

4) Music, singing, dancing.

But I digress, Black History Live will  launch the start of Black History Month at the iconic Wembley Stadium on  the 1st and 2nd of October 2011.

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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  1. For some strange reason our history always seems to start from slavery as if we never existed and then all of a sudden just popped up out of nowhere specifically for that period and beyond. I going to be wacking out a short blog giving my people the history that these European institutions keep leaving out. For example, the Moors(who were black) ruled Spain, Portugal and France for at least 700 years.

    But wait a minute, there are places in this god forsaken trash heap called the UK that have the name Moor written after the area, Yorkshire being the most predominant area of knowledge. Could it be that the so called Negro was here before the Caucasian? 2+2 always = 4.

  2. Verbs – I have read up pre- european interaction history fro Africa courtesy of Chancellor Williams. Info definitely out there. Though more needs to be done to get black people interested in the histories when African Dynasties ruled the world.

    @ all – I do not mind Black History Month. Some people need to be reminded of who they are and it irks some non Africans so much – why not keep celebrating

  3. When I think of Black History month, I always think of thaat rhyme “1,2 miss a few 99, 100!”. That is in reference to the amount of history that this country tends to leave out, especially when it comes to how Britain and the USA managed to come to such great wealth. Certain banks that are looked to as British institutions, had to get collateral from someone, being as Britain isnt a country that produces anything, how did they come to such wealth, hmmmm!! Could it be the selling of human flesh was used as a form of money way back then, hmm?

    As Verbs said, alot more needs to told about our story before we were bought and sold and scattered across the world, to become the self hating individuals we have now become.
    History on The Moors is a perfect example. Im surprised that hasnt been a story that hasnt been told, actually, no im not.

  4. Yo Verbs can’t see this video…. let me know if you can email it to me. Has something to do with copyrights. But i must admit over the last 5 years i have been very interested in Black European history and man there is a lot to learn. And i must add Verbs is on it when it comes to the history. As far as how the US and Britain have become so wealthy….well you know off the backs of Black slaves….that is no secret. But as someone said we should always be celebrating out history. As we say over here in the states 365 Black……

  5. we should learn from our history and study where we went wrong not to make those mistakes instead of celebrating minor things each year like peanut butter jelly time. And celebrate new black developments each year instead.
    Im so fed up of this silly month its one big joke.

  6. @ Moreno

    Yeah, they thought they could hide that fact that we ruled Europe during the dark ages. That is why it was called the “Dark” Ages. Hidden in plain view, but alot of people were beginning to clock on so they decided to tell us that this was a time when “information and records were lost”. Fools, these so called experts can tell me about an alledged big bang that occurred 13-20 billion years ago(their figures keep changing as more “accurate” and “up to date” determinations become available to them,lol) and how life evolved from slime and rocks with no evidence, but they cannot tell me what happened between the 12th and 16th centuries?? Utter bunkam and Verbs isn’t buying any of it.

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