Photograph credit Satyajit Desai: Paris hands over money to beggar woman during a visit to India to promote her handbags...

Digital Spy reports that heiress/socialite Paris Hilton gave money to the poor in India during a three-day tour of the country which involved promoting her handbag collection and opening a new department store.

Hilton apparently gave $100 (£64) to a woman who was standing on the side of the road with her two children, reports IBN, and ‘continued to donate money to other needy Indians throughout the day’.

The former A-lister said via Twitter,

She then flew out of India on Monday to continue her promotional tour in Ibiza.


In response to this story a colleague of mine said this,

I know people would say I’m cynical, resenting success but these people are EVIL. So, she gave $100 dollars to a poor woman. Say she gave the same amount to ten more people. That’s $1000, for which she gets worldwide publicity. It’s sheer exploitation. Like Nike making their trainers in sweatshops, she’s not paying a fair rate for their services. And when they’ve spent their $100 they’ll still be poor and she’ll have moved on to Ibiza to party.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Paris is desperately trying to ‘reinvent’ herself as this caring/thoughtful young woman. Continue promoting your handbags and partying in Ibiza Paris. You are fooling no one luv.

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  1. Co sign. The publicity she is going to get out of this, is going to earn her and cronies alot more money. But hey, whatever it takes. *smh*

  2. Stating something as it is does not mean resentment. And being poor does not strip one of the right to observe and it doesn’t mean jelousy like many people like saying. It is a way of passing on information, otherwise we will always be stuck in the same cycle not knowing what is happening and how to move on, if we can move on. Unfortunately being poor in most cases strips us of the right to say anything due to a lack of choice.

  3. well let us look at the bigger picture. India has a lot of poor people because like America the governments only wish to take care of those they do not need to keep in any financial way. India has a multi billion u.s. dollar space program in place. You mean to tell me they need super rich folk to come and feed their poor instead because they are exploring space. They have more millionaires than the UK. I can go and on and on. India is doing better than many and their government is keeping folk poor so people come and do stuff like this. seriously. My heart goes out to any poor folk in the world. It is not easy at all. I know this.

    However politicians have never got their priorities in order and the super rich always seem to miss the point. Give man fish he will eat for a day – teach him how to fish and he will eat everyday.

    But yes Ms Hilton Hotel Hieress gesture is what it is but it will not change one of those people’s lives at all.

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