Beyonce and Tina Knowles’ clothing line House of Deréon has made it’s exclusive debut at Selfridges.

The collection is available at the London, Birmingham and Manchester Trafford stores, as well as online at

There will also be an exclusive launch event which will be held in a VIP secret location to celebrate House of Deréon’s long-awaited arrival in the UK. Selfridges will be giving away a pair of tickets to the launch, click HERE for further details.


I have been invited to the exclusive launch but I had to decline the invitation because of my loyalty to affordable high street fashion chain Peacocks.

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  1. No, a dark skin sister cannot catch a break when she is throwing up the illuminati pyramid on stage and backstage with her husband who calls himself Ja HOVAH god:

    What is Beyonce doing wearing a baphomet ring?:

    He is Beyonce again or should I say Sasha Fierce with a baphomet motor cycle as her dress:

    He is ol Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce throwing up El Diablo, the sign of Satan:

    Here is Sasha Fierce yet again pledging herself to Satan, this time by using her hands to adopt devil horns on her head:

    So no, this witch will not be catching a break from me especially seeing how she is initiating millions of young people into accepting deviltry and illuminati symbolism as cool, trendy and the in thing without their knowledge and the true understanding of what they are really being exposed to.

  2. @wow

    I have to apologise to you, I misread your first message. I thought that you were in support of Beyonce but you were referring to other women of a darker complexion who are not given the same opportunities as lighter skinned women. On the flip side, all of the above is why people like Beyonce get looked after and brought into the fold.

  3. verbs, i looked at the models, and thought that since she is a sister, i would definitely see a dark skinned sister but i was blown away though not surprised. If i really want to see dark skinned sisters, i know where to find them. Yeah, i agree, the likes of Beyonce are more appealing to look at i guess, in this day and age. She probably got the opportunity because of her fame and name and appeal and contacts. My first response came from the models but it is cool.

  4. I am not sure if her not putting a dark skinned women in the advert is really down to her but the marketing team in the UK. In her videos / concerts Bey has always portrayed all type of (Black) women.

    For the American market, there is one (more or less) dark skinned one or if you prefer who looks less racially ambigue.

    Actually it seems that for the UK market they only “removed” the dark skinned one, since the remaining models are still the same ones UK and US.

    Personnally the clothing range is not appaling to me at all (all seen clothes read Baby Phat), and doesn’t look like the price tag is worth it ( I might be wrong).

  5. What is wrong with the UK when it comes to dark skinned black people? But i have noticed these clever marketing people will easily market a dark skinned person when it comes to CHARITY, but when it comes to such things, the criteria goes out the window. 😀

  6. Wow, that is an interesting point that I have never looked at before. You are right, they never seem to have a problem pulling a dark skinned person out of the hat when it is time to beg for money. What I find interesting is how Beyonce’s look over time has become more European in style. Isn’t this teaching black people self hatred subliminally under the radar?

  7. Her look is like her music. The whole lot of them, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna. Some people i have just given up, even if you asked me what their last single was , i would not have a clue and yet they are mainstream. Officially tuned out to their music, got tired of it and their desperate attempts to appeal to ALL while sacrificing who they are to a certain extent.

  8. her fashion range must be famous since it has crossed over to the UK from the US. It must have done pretty well to be expanded to the UK. No? hmmm

  9. Not really a Beyonce fan but if you’re talking about the models on the Selfridges site she has nothing to do with that, Selfridges do all their online images in-house and they do use dark-skinned models by the way.

  10. First I wanna say LEAVE the woman alone! Soo what she’s using none black model’s?? Its her company her choice in who she wants to aim it at beyonce has given Selfridges the right to do the marketing and PR so give the girl a break. If you really want to talk about race? Let’s talk about Miss Jamaica who’s clearly not jamaican and look’s like she’s been snatched from Singapore by gun point.

    Stop with all the double standards! And what the hell does Illuminate have to do with anything? Any bull shit created to make the poor think the poor are poor because of a higher power!

    Stooooop with all the mad talk even if this is called mad news

  11. Yeah, i know she can market to whoever she wants. First of all, i cannot afford that range, that’s why i am heading down to PRIMARK asap. 😀

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