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Well I liked the bag.

The Chelsea boots  – Those boots take me back to the early – mid 1990s when I used to wear them in my teens.  Will Chelsea boots appeal to men?

Monkey Jeans – If you are in to wearing fitted jeans and have skinny legs then I suppose Monkey will appeal to you.

But to all my male visitors out there,  does any of the items Aizak showcased appeal to you?

Hit or Miss?

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  1. This guy’s accent makes me laugh, part homosexual, part African, part upper class. No, no, Verbs will not be rocking a WOMAN’S handbag, tight homo erotic monkey jeans, funny shoe wear or cancinogenic Aluminium containing Lynx deodorant. What happened to true clothing for men, why all this effeminate rubbish? Trying to push the gender envelope and erase the line between male and female, The hermaphroditic, androgynous agenda continues.

  2. This is a miss to me. Tight fitted jeans i don’t like on a man. I don’t mind fitted clothing…but not when it makes a man look like a woman. All the other stuff is just that…stuff not appealing to me at all. And why do people care so much for designer clothes? We seem to get so caught up on things that don’t matter. Oh this is by gucci…who cares is gucci doing anything for you…not! Just saying here… We concentrate on the wrong things in life. It’s cool if you like those things but people let these things rule their world. And kids buy into is hook line and sinker. I would wear a knock off in a minute.lol! But i just buy what i like no matter if it is designer or not! The bag is cool…if you’re a woman! Everything he showed was garbage!!! in my opinion.. And those boots….por favor!!

  3. Verbs2011 :
    This guy’s accent makes me laugh, part homosexual, part African, part upper class…


    I liked the jacket showcased @ 0:45. I actually own one similar, but made of corduroy. I also like the Jeff West boots @ 1:44, w/the caveat being that they can keep the detailing…that makes it look UGLY!

    I also like the COLORS of the jeans. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in such tight pants, though…

  4. That handbag was some joke ting. Would’nt get any of the stuff including the lynx, that Black guy put me off it. Monkee jeans with a banana print on it, are you having a laugh hahahahaha.
    The video is soo funny though gonna have a laugh at work when I show peepz.

  5. What the hell?? Has video gone back to the early 90s??
    This is like watching newsround!

    I really wonder how theses people continue in this industry, the camera work
    editing and sound is appalling. From what I hear they spend more time out with
    there boss doing Bolivian marching powder and hookers than getting the job done

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