Oh Kelly… was this necessary?

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  1. This “awful wig” has to go!!!!!

    I don’t even understand why she’s half naked ( can some celebrities put some clothes on), this is not gonna help her selling more album.

    The cover looks like something playboy or page 3 of the Sun would do! lol!

    She just doesn’t have it and will never have!!!

  2. Oh dear, she join the nudity club, hope she’s the lucky one so it works for her, because so far it hasn’t work for none of the others.
    @ Janice some celebs seems to believe it’s necessary. I think men are sick of seems these women get naked for magazine, it don’t matter any more, the surprise factor is gone, nothing is left for the imagination.

  3. It makes me laugh really as when Destiny’s child first came on the seen, the entire group were all known as coming from a church background. Now Beyonce is possessed by her alter ego called Sasha Fierce and before that she was photographed sucking off Jay Z in a swimming pool. Now Kelly Rowland is getting her breasts out for a magazine……..and for what really, what is the point?????????????

  4. Sex sells people. I do however like Kelly Rowland – but I love how these ladies always promote being happy with yourself as women / girls etc. and right on the cover you have a lady with a wig, a nose job and a boob job….
    Dont get me wrong celebs/ musicians /actors etc. have a purpose, but it’s not to educate our society but to entertain!

  5. Blimey Kelly, is this what things have come to? Naked pictures on the cover of Vibe magazine. You are so much more than this and you can do a lot better. I know it is ain’t easy living in the shadows of Beyonce but come on!! Be original girl – at least sign up for Dancing with the Stars or get your own reality show or clothing line. This is just sad!

  6. @ ms steele you forget Kelly also had a bottom lip job. she got rid of the major hanging lip

    idk but i will buy her album or get given it by one of the dj’s i know

  7. Sex ain’t selling this album. The first week US sales are looking dire at a paltry 80k or less at the moment.

    What does this heffer think will happen?

    “Oh we see her half nekkid….let me go log onto iTunes and press ‘buy'”

    No that’s not how it works Kelly. Her songs are dry, she is dry. I’m really surprised this chick has stans!

    Like I said earlier. Desperate.

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