Celebrity stylist Mason Smillie has announced that he will be travelling to Somalia to help raise awareness about the devastating famine and drought crisis that’s currently ravaging the East African country.

Mason told Mad News,

I have been meaning to help raise awareness about the crisis in Somalia for a while now and I’ve teamed up with the amazing charity Oxfam, who I believe shares my vision and whom I can honestly say trust one hundred percent.

He went on to add,

I will be travelling to Somalia in the next two weeks and will film my journey for a fundraiser that I hope to put on next month in London.

It has been reported that thousands have died of starvation, millions have been displaced from their homes and more than 2 million children are at the risk of starvation and malnutrition.

If you wish to donate Click HERE.

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  1. The problem with Oxfam is that it is an advocate of population control which is really Eugenics. Eugenics was founded by JewISH businessmen after the so called “abolition” of slavery for the main purpose of keeping the numbers of the so called Negro to a manageable level FOR THEMSELVES. So the situation that is ravaging through East Africa at the moment is right up their street.

    Also, why would you trust an organisation that has a freemasonry symbol as its logo? I remember as children we would cross our fingers behind our backs if we said something but really meant the opposite, nuff said on that. Also, good old Oxfam has been collecting money for Africa for years and ain’t a damn thing changed there yet, what happened Oxfam?

  2. @verbs
    cosigned 100%

    Raising Awareness? did anyone’s awareness need raising? its all over the place via the news, papers, internet etc. I struck an advertising deal with Oxfam seems more correct.

  3. You guys should send suggestions to Masons, as to how it would be best to help. You would be surprised at the amount of people who are unaware of the crisis. More people are interested in whihc nasty hoe Ashley Cole slept with, than the fact that there is real shit happening in the world. Not being sarcastic, I genuinly mean what would you do?

  4. Miss Lala :
    You would be surprised at the amount of people who are unaware of the crisis. More people are interested in whihc nasty hoe Ashley Cole slept with, than the fact that there is real shit happening in the world. Not being sarcastic, I genuinly mean what would you do?

    im rushing this so excuse any mistakes.

    Oxfams have ad campaigns to make money and to persuade people to thinking they are helping the most, not awareness, for those who want to give, make sure they give to oxfam. Most are aware of famine in Africa, kids are even told in schools, if they dont they most likely dont have the means or knowledge to help either way.

    Of course you can help with a hug, a bowl of oats and a cameraman if it makes you feel good.
    But thats all it will do, make YOU feel good.
    Raising awareness about a leaf and picking a few off makes no sense when the roots and trunk are growing and going unnoticed. The leaf will only grow back again.

    Governments, banks, big corps should be sorting these problems out not common people struggling with their own families, as they are all major players in causing poverty.

    Raise awareness of the banking system and world loan sharks putting countries in massive dept which they will never get out of due to the interest rate.
    Raise awareness about banks and power using gold reserves to affect inflation and taxes by shipping them out to purposely create more problems and bring it in to loosen heat and control the government in power without saying a word.
    Raise awareness of foreigners monopolizing land and resources in Africa.
    Raise awareness of unfair trading laws giving advantage to big corps.
    List goes on.
    Those will do more good might spark a riot, get media attention and force laws to change, who knows.

    I can see what needs to be done, but the laws of the land wont permit it and never will if the powers at be remain. There is currently no solution to poverty that can be executed at this time through peaceful means.

    As for helping the world, i do my part with kids i can reach out to locally and help them with continued support. Help home/local out first then spread your wings to where you know you can give continued support if need be, thats the best advice I can give.

  5. @ Miss Lala

    The problem as Real NV stated is simple, there are too many people profiting from the famine in East Africa, the IMF, World Bank and the multi national corporations who roll into Africa by the dozens and palm off their poisons and potions to the unsuspecting people of the land. It is not beneficial to them to have “real help” coming into Africa.

    One real solution would be to choose a family to sponsor YOURSELF, get to know them PERSONALLY YOURSELF and send them money and goods PERSONALLY YOURSELF, leaving out these middles men of so called charities which are really rackets. Lets face it, these so called “charities” have been requesting money off us for “emergency causes” for decades and I have yet to see any problems snuffed out.

    It is no coincidence that a famine is raging on, in East Africa as a top Eugenicist by the name of Francis Gaulton wrote a letter to The Times newspaper in 1873 talking about how it was the desired end to replace the Africans in Africa with the Chinese starting with(you guessed it)the east coast of Africa. Here is a link to that letter, it is a very enlightening read:

    So reading this letter we know what is going on. China wants into Africa big time to plunder the land of all the natural resources and they are already buying up tons of land and importing their own to carry out work instead of employing the locals. Just like the far eastern people supplanted the black population of Madagascar and took over, the Chinese wish to do the same with Africa and these famines are about reducing the populations on the east coast(this would be just the beginning) and flooding these same said areas with Chinese immigrants.

    To be honest, I believe that this is more about publicity with this Mason guy rather than genuinely wanting to help starving people and I am a bit suspicious as to why the media has all of a sudden jumped on this story as between the last time they publicised the famine in East Africa until now, the situation didn’t changed one bit. What, did we think that everything had been ok because the media didn’t report anything on starving Africans for a long while?

    These JewISH bankers are the main problem as the loans that they give out to poor countries come with strangle hold “conditions”. This system needs to be torn down. I’ve have said it before and I will say it again, as long as the JewISH Banker European man is in charge of this planet, there will never ever be any stability, peace or abundance of anything.

    Cosign @Real NV, point the finger to the JewISH bankers who are the cause and have always been the root cause of the woes taking place in Africa.

  6. @Verbs Mason said on he’s twitter he only found out about this by watching the news since Amy’s Passing, if he didn’t know millions more don’t know. All I’m saying is it’s got us talking now and that my friend is raising awareness.

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