Sean Hoare

The phone hacking scandal has just entered in to very deep dark murky waters.

Via BBC News

A former News of the World journalist who made phone-hacking allegations against the paper has been found dead.

Sean Hoare had told the New York Times the practice was far more extensive than the paper acknowledged when police first investigated hacking claims.

Hertfordshire Police said the body of a man was found at a property in Langley Road, Watford, on Monday morning.

A police spokesman said the death was currently being treated as unexplained, but was not thought to be suspicious. Continue Reading….

‘His death is being treated as unexplained, but was not thought to be suspicious’. They must really take us for idiots.

*shaking my head*

Rest In Peace Sean Hoare.

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  1. Haven’t we seen this before with Dr David Kelly when he announced that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Saddam did not have the capability to target the UK and US launching missiles within 45 minutes? Lets see how many other people turn up dead. Of course this is all a coincidence right????????

  2. However, we have to ask the question, why is the media pushing this story so hard? We know the announcement of this whistleblower’s death was deliberate put out there to discourage other whistleblowers from spilling any beans for fear of death. They could have kept the death of this guy silent if they really wanted to. What are the media distracting us from?

  3. Everything is so orchestrated and corrupt, it makes me sick. The western world is always demonizing the rest of the world for their actions – africa, china etc and then you look at this mess – a bunch of money hungry, power hungry, corrupt idiots running this country politically and through the media. I understand why people don’t vote now. People need to realise that the way this is all coming out is being managed – people’s arrests, resignations, it’s all part of the plan.

  4. Besides, more important things going on in the world – famine in Africa….again

  5. The share prices have dropped, it will obviously rise up dramatically again after the rain. Without the media it could never have been so low.

  6. @Miss Steele: Famine and poverty exist but Africa is also amongst the fastest growing economy, savvy investors are rushing there by thousands as we speak but media such as NOW and the likes will not tell you that, they rather keep NGO’s selling dramatic headlines to justify their existence. This story right here is a great moment of history unfolding, media culture is toxic….if not careful, Murdoch and co will spin it and make us forget this scandal in matter of weeks and move on to their usual dirty business.

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