(PHOTO CREDIT BY DAVE M) - Lily Allen with her sister Sarah Owen

No surprises here!

Via The Daily Mail

Lily Allen has been forced to close her vintage clothing shop Lucy In Disguise just ten months after its star-studded opening.

Lily, 26, and her half-sister Sarah Owen, 31, had their foray into retail documented in Channel 4’s From Riches To Rags.

In the programme, TV fashion guru Mary Portas voiced her fears that the pair’s concept of renting out designer vintage clothing was flawed. Continue Reading….

When I first heard that Lilly and her sister were going to open a clothes store and then watched the documentary I knew it would crash and burn. Lilly didn’t seem that business savvy and her sister Sarah just came across as being a bit flighty and unpredictable, and was  obviously suffering from a cold because she just kept sniffing throughout the entire documentary.

Anyway who was going to hire vintage clothing to wear?  If people want vintage clothing they can just go to charity shops in the affluent parts of South West London, West London and North London. You will find a ton of vintage clothing in those shops and the REALLY good stuff too.

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  1. Lily Allen posted on Twitter earlier that this news story was not true, the store is just changing location. If you watched the documentary, as you said you had, you would have noticed that she did not like the Covent Garden location and wanted somewhere nearer Oxford Street. Which is what they are doing.

  2. Lilly and sarah would both like you to remove the “sniffing part” as it’s totally misleading. Thanks in advance the people who are about to sue you!

  3. lol Janice. Have these celebs got nothing better to do than trawl the internet searching for quotes to sue people with? Someone needs to tell these fools that if we didn’t have an opinion and comment, they would be irrelevant, i.e. not famous, i.e. not making any money. Every job has its downfalls, not having everyone kiss your arse is one of them – they need to get over themselves….

  4. Lovely Lily….you are talented & stylish singer / song writer, Sarah im sad to say sweetie you are truely talentless & without being to personal soulless, heartless & not to easy on the eye for tv broadcasting…sorry sweetie you are awful on so many levels….where are Lily’s management to protect her from you ? x

  5. I just finished watching the show here in Australia and have to say I was really impressed!!
    I don’t really know much about Lilly or her sister but I thought they were really down to earth.. Good Luck to you both.

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