UK Hip Hop veteran Rodney P reminded me of a music video I watched late last year that just left me shaking my head and thinking that young black British males are truly lost. They are seen running around committing violent acts and behaving like savage beasts in this video and none of them actually questioned what they were doing during filming.  Nobody actually said ‘hold up  a minute! What the hell am I doing here??? This is some off-key stereotypical BULLS**T!

But I guess ‘man was just happy to be in a video innit’.

Anyway the music video in question is rapper Professor Green’s Jungle featuring Britain’s answer to Beanie Man (side-eye) Maverick Sabre, and when Rodney came across it for the first time last night he wasn’t best pleased.

Check out what an outraged Rodney had to say about the Jungle promo HERE and HERE. (@Rodney_P). And to read Professor Green’s response click HERE and HERE.

Check out Jungle below.


Your thoughts please….

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  1. How did this vid even get cleared? Was trying to see if there was a way that the PRs could spin it e.g. showing how ridiculous the lifestyle is and not glamorising it’ but no, it is glamorising this lifestyle and it’s a huge disrespect to all the families who have lost their loved ones to behaviour like this. So Solid got blamed for an awful lot, let’s see if Professor Green even gets a slap on the wrist for this kmt.

  2. @michelleshanti I couldnt agree more.
    So Solid literally got blamed for all the gun violence, knife crime and any other violent act across the land when they at there height. Somehow I don’t see Professor Green recieving the same treatment.

    How this slipped through the net I have no idea. As for the young black men in the video, how they allowed a white male to approach them and say “Hey, you wanna be in my new video, the songs is called “Jungle”!” and be like “Ok then!” then they are a bunch of fools!
    Why not just have bananas raining down from the sky to complete the insult??!!KMT

    Why do we allow others to take the piss out of our culture, profit from it and say nothing even when its blatantly put in our faces.
    Are we so eager to be seen and included in the mainstream, that we will settle for being portrayed as the stereotype that many of us have to fight to get rid off?
    Sick of this SHIT!
    “Intergration is the illusion of inclusion!” Wake up people!

  3. To be honest Miss Lala has summed it up, everything that needs to have been said has been covered. Of course now certain young impressionable minds who watched this video will think that is is cool to be a thug, street hood.” Well, I saw it on youtube innit”. Who the funk? You would have thought that our people would have wised up to these subtle racist jabs by now but this video just show that some things haven’t change one bit and some of our people will always remain DUMB!

  4. hmmm, i haven’t seen this vid before and can say i’ve seen vids with far less violence get pulled up and not seeing the light of day in this country. Thats a piss take all by itself with the double standards.

    A white rapper refering to the people in the vid as animals and from a jungle. Just puts the nail in the coffin. I know P green may not have seen it in that light, but someone should’ve def questioned it and pulled it up.

    I can see why Rodney P is outraged and rightly so.

  5. It is sad to see that the Hip Hop game has spawned such a self defeatist attitude towards life, which is being rewarded with mainstream exposure. Unconciousness and ignorance is relied upon to encourage separatism between young human beings with different postcodes. Sickness must be recognised by now, but sickness in the truest sense of the word. Get well soon.

  6. since the wannabe and the jafaican are doing this song. why did they not fill it with chavs or other white folk like them. the video is horrendous . there is no creativity or thought to it. Wu Tang and Bone Thugs made videos different to the norm of the genre. Professor P is clearly thinking about American hiphop videos of yesteryear. Oh and the threat in the tweet bout i’ll bump into ya – puhleeeese. child needs to grow up

  7. The icing on the cake: Professor Green recently received a MOBO AWARD!!!

  8. Best quote of the day of the video from a YouTube viewer: it very loosely depicts the life of a minority of misguided kids who choose to live a life a particular way when they had an abundance of better choices to make. There are places in the world where young men don’t have that luxury trust me. All this video does is glorify some very dumb choices – like this lifestyle is OK. It isn’t. Furthermore I take issue to young black men being referred to as “animals in a jungle” by some white boy who actually should know better. 
    feistyblackbird 19 hours ago 6

  9. England is heading down a slippery slope creating some make believe ‘gangland’ where people are acting out their fantasies. FEW HAVE A PLAN (and stop ‘real’ ones from making any doe) Let them take this shit to Sao Paolo, Kingston JA, Lagos … fuk it West Philly and see how long they last. Or some places like Congo or Sudan. No dole. No NHS. No council flat. THESE KIDs DON’T KNOW desperation. And that’s what breeds ‘real situations’. LITTLE PRICKS. Production = sick. Lyrics / video Feistyblackbird strikes again (YouTube user)

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