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Oh dear… Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson just doesn’t know when to shut up.  Read below what the big idiot has said now.

Via The Daily Mail

The controversial Top Gear  presenter, who has driven environmentalists mad with his eco-sceptism, was commenting on the energy-saving mode on his new TV when he referred to ‘Lenny Henry in a cave’.

In a newspaper column, he wrote: ‘Like so many things in life these days, my new LG flatscreen television has an eco feature. You can choose how much energy you would like it to consume. Very  little, a medium amount or tons. But one word of warning.

‘If you turn the feature on, the screen dims so much, every programme looks like it’s being presented by Lenny Henry in a cave.’ Continue Reading….


Lenny Henry

[Thank Frolushes]

Lenny Henry will probably just laugh this remark off.

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  1. Being black it’s the kind of jokes we share with our mates. It’s Jeremy Clarkson, it would have been a spot of bother had it been David Cameron.

    Last comment had wrong url

  2. Clarkson, tut, tut, but no surprise there from the Edomite camp. The comment is quite dumb to be honest as it is the so called European man that has the origin in the mountain tops and caves. Pompous racist so called white people normally associate the so called Negro with the jungle.

    That link that cm972 posted was very interesting and predictable. I am very familiar with the strategy they used, this is typical of the mainspin media.

    Firstly, a picture of the battered lady’s face first in order to draw sympathy and get the emotional juices flowing. The fact that they posted a photo of this lady immediately shows you that there is another agenda afoot here. Then they go through the story and make sure you grasp the “viciousness” of the attack, emphasising certain details to make sure that they sick into your mind. Meanwhile, mind you they know that as you are reading the “horrific” details of the attack, you are going to be constantly looking back at that photo as a reference point.

    Notice also how they called this woman “petite” at the beginning of the article to reinforce her innocence, helplessness and vulnerability which automatically adds even more sympathy to the table. They then take you through the seriousness of the surgery that she had to undergo. This is followed by the usual police statement, I’m surprised that they actually mentioned her name and specifics as normally they would say only that ” a woman was viciously assaulted at a particular time in a particular location and that they are investigating the matter”.

    Then the bomb drops, he is a “black man”. Now the nail is driven hard into the coffin. All the typical stereotypes of the past and present are immediately rehashed in the ignorant European’s mind.

    Now obviously, in order to look for the man a description is needed but my question is why did they have to go through all that emotional nonsense beforehand just to get to the part about him being black?

    It is simple, that article wanted to associate black people as “vicious”, “uncontrollable” and animal like. Yes, what happened to this woman is tragic but we know that the mainspin media only cares for articles and stories and nothing more, they do not care about this woman’s welfare and health, her account simply will help them sell the paper and imprint a particular image and opinion about so called blacks in other people’s minds, that is it.

    To be honest, that article simply shows me that we should have a legal right to defend ourselves and be allowed to carry a knife or a gun for self defence. Of course the real crooks(the government)do not want you carrying a knife or a gun on the road as you have to be easy pickings for their mafia enforcement arm(the police). Every so often they have to come and shake you down for cash and of course they don’t want a knife in the throat or a bullet in the head for taking liberties and abusing their meal ticket(which would be justified).

  3. I dont think he knows where the word “Caucasian” comes from. If he read a book once in a while, he would soon pull back on the cave man references. Prick!

  4. Wow! Those people in the UK seems to think it’s ok to say what ever they want about Black people. And it seems that there is no repercussions for it as well. Man i hope that he is fired from his job. But i’m sure he will not be it seems to be acceptable over in the UK…… And it would be nice if Lenny Henry would come out saying something worth hearing instead of just laughing it off. I don’t know but this really seems like a trend over there. You can make any derogatory remark about someone Black and it’s just like nothing was said. For me enough is enough…this is not acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. He just had to choose the big black guy that laughs like a Seagull.

    I’d love to hear that Lenny chinned him. But he’ll probly just say hi and smile while Jeremy smerks giving him the bonecrusher handshake.

  6. He is a complete idiot. he should stick to discussing cars.

    It is very telling of the true nature of Britain and her majority population. They have strong racist tendencies that always roll off the tongue. You will find that daily mail readers see nothing wrong with this and red arrow all who dislike these comments .

  7. Whenever there is a race related story like this the comments on the Daily Mail website are a TRUE indication of the mentality of White Brits in the country who think it’s a whole lot of nothing. A lot of hot air and more PC less racist.

    Are these the same barrage of white people who claim to be best friends with a Black person?

    I always say this…it’s funny how in the UK we make up around 5% or so of the whole population, yet all these white folks got Black besties. Funny I know/have known a ton of Black people who don’t even socialise much with white people let alone class them as Best friends.

    Someone’s lying their arse of, and it sure as hell ain’t my people in this instance.

    As for Lenny Henry, I bet he’s polishing his tap dancing shoes and perfecting his performance for Jeremy Clarkson. We are an outspoken/take no shit race but the ones that aren’t have slipped through the net and become entertainers who don’t even know when or how to answer back and defend themselves.

  8. Well, let us face the facts so called black man and black woman of the UK, this all began to spiral out of control when we stopped knuckling these clowns in the nose immediately when they rattled off such smart remarks like this because we were told(more so manipulated to think) that it wouldn’t be “professional” or we would be acting “too emotionally”.

    Once upon a time, the so called white man in the UK feared to tread on these racist grounds that he so boldly walks upon today. What happened? I said it before, we got complacent. A television, a house, a car and a Tesco Express down the street was sufficient enough to make us docile. You know, AGGRESSION WITHIN REASON is always justified, it is a survival mechanism of life. Remarks like these are more than a reason enough to give the person rattling them off a very fat lip. Let us not be stalled by the so called European man’s manipulative jargon if we personally ever find ourselves in a predicament like this. These events are happening far too often over here now because we are allowing it to happen through our silence.


    You have no idea of the rubbish we have to put up with in this place and quite frankly it is getting very hard to deal with these people on a so called “professional” level as they feel that this so called “professionalism is their ticket to freely come out with racist comments and get away with it. The time is soon come where the “other man” is going to have to be “loosed” from his chamber.

    He has been kept behind closed doors for a long time but with the zombie English man and woman thinking that he/she can again begin to use the so called Negro as laughing stock, the other man is going to have to come out sooner of later and show them…”NO”.

  9. I think these ‘celebrity’ outbursts are becoming more and more frequent and no-one is being reprimanded. (In the US it’s quite different). This country cares about sexism more than racism (look at the furore earlier this year with the female ref and SKY commentators). Chris Evans ignorant slur on The One Show, defending champion Serena Williams being put on Court 2 during this year’s Wimbledon, now this with Jeremy Clarkson who also made a derogatory comment about Mexicans not so long ago – the Brits have always been racist but in a sly, underhand way. On a recent trip to Berlin, my group which comprised mainly of black females received a few outbursts of more agressive racism – which I prefer as they let you know where they stood by making their feelings quite clear (great city by the way despite the odd outburst). This ‘played down’, ‘It’s only a joke’ racism I despise because it’s cowardly and tries to soften something that is very serious. The only way to combat it is to know yourself. When people say it doesn’t matter what colour you are – they are dillusional! So long as there is difference amongst humans, there will always be racism, discrimination and stereotyping – just make sure you’re educated enough so that you can spot it a mile off and react accordingly.

  10. You know as I read all the comments… it just amazes how we are all dealing with the same issues. Meaning us Black people…no matter if you’re here in the US or in the Uk. We all deal with so many of the same issues. I use to think that in the UK thing were different. Basically because my friend who lives there would always try to paint this picture of everyone living in such harmony! And that his white friends are just so down with Black people. Then I came to realize that my friend is a fool! I love him like a brother but he has major issues. I would question him about things I’ve learn from this site, and he would have a totally different view about everything. It then begins to make me look at him differently. Meaning me as a Black man has not tolerance for foolish Black people. Yeah I love being Black I love everything that we have accomplished. We came from nothing so to speak…if you get my point. But no matter the obstacles we still seem to make it. No matter the bigotry or racism that we face we still come out stronger and in a much better space. Maybe not to the world…but to us we know the deal. Now ..what I wish would happen is…that we all would stick together. If we did that we would be unstoppable..and they know that. But there will always be some of us that have our head up the others azz…

    @Verbs man is it really that bad? I mean I know there are so many issues that we face. But it is really that in your face man? I know all too well about how it is in the so called professional arena! But over here we have rights not that they really care. But they know they can get in trouble for what they do. I am not against suing anyone who comes at me wrong…as long as I can prove it. The way I combat racism is basically when it happens I jump on it. I am not afraid to say what I feel and I know how to speak when I confront it. I don’t smile and gin in the faces of others at no time! I do my work and I go home. Then there are the other Blacks that are so afraid of losing their jobs…that they will take anything from them. I wear them out when I see them letting others do what they do to them. And because of my outspoken ways…some have conformed and now speak out. It is hard brother I know it all too well. You get paid less than others and you do most f the work. They can take as many breaks as they like and no one says anything. They can call off work and it’s cool! (when they call off I can hear the boss saying “oh ok just take care and let me know how things go”) The when one of us call off there are many questions. I don’t answer questions I just call in and that’s it because I have benefits. Don’t question me about shit!!!!!!!! The company I’m at now is cool…they don’t trip… But I will never forget my last place of employment… my boss felt like he could ask me about watermelon… I just told him to ask his damn momma! He looked turned red…and I told him because I’m Black you think I love watermelon!!! He never messed with me again…I didn’t care if my comment got me fired…. I was like this is some bull shit! And the most appalling part was the way others were laughing when he asked me. Man they all moved away and didn’t say anything to me after that. Just do what you have to make it brother because times are hard for everyone… No matter who you are…things are tough!! You can put someone in their place as long as you have the education and vocabulary to do it. And you don’t have to raise your voice. Others will always be this way…it is a fact! After all these years we still have to deal with it. But the good thing is…we are smarter and we know what is acceptable and what is not. So keep your head up bro…..

    @Missteele All I can say to you is WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!

    @LondonDiva you are so right about what you said. I think about my so called white friends. I don’t consider them friends at all. They think of me as a friend…but they are clueless about some of the things I talk about. They say I’m just too sensitive… I say to them… deal with it or don’t it’s your choice… My friends that I deal with like everyday are Black people. I’m not into others so I’m good. I don’t know many white people who really understand what it is to be Black other then this dude I grew up with in the Ghettos in Chicago. He was right there with us…so I really don’t look at him as a white guy… Even though he is… It’s more so about him growing up with us…so he gets us. Plus he married my cousin lol! I don’t really socialize with others…and I don’t want to. Others that says they have Black friends as best friends are talking bull shit! It’s to make them look more acceptable to the world… And you know some of our people will buy into that bull. And what you said “We are an outspoken/take no shit race but the ones that aren’t have slipped through the net and become entertainers who don’t even know when or how to answer back and defend themselves.” So true and so shameful!

  11. @Moreno

    The English people over here are more sneaky with the racism, they practice it in a more sophisticated manner. I think the turning point for this approach was when we stopped pulling them up on it straight away. Again, through the small dainty treats that the so called black man has been given over here, for the most part he now believes that he has been “accepted” by his European counterpart.

    I admit, at one stage I had on the blinkers and thought nothing of the snide comments here and there but it got to a stage where it was time to grow up and call the behaviour out for what it is. When you run into people who cannot see the racism and believe that the so called European man has “changed”, then you have met a conditioned slave who is happy with being defecated and urinated on, just as long as he can have that latest gadgets or watch his favourite programs on the te-LIE-vision.

    This is all I see when I look at my people in the UK, a people desperately seeking acceptance. No nations like us on this planet, every nationality is against us and to make matters worse, we are fragmented within ourselves, and the more these nations see us trying to be accepted, the more they taunt us.

    So the called English man is so easily lead by the media, they believe everything that they are told and have lost the ability to use their own reasoning and thinking faculties. The media does their thinking and reasoning for them as Zbigniew Brzezinski said the public would behave in this time. So they believe that so called black people behave like animals, are muggers, thieves and should be feared. Whatever, I do not need their acceptance nor do I beg for it.

    The turning point for the so called black man will come when it finally dawns on him that he will NEVER be accepted by the so called white man or any other nations and that nothing he does can changed the branded stereotypes already in the minds of these people.

  12. @Verbs2011
    As I read what you have to say I see the same thing over here. Blacks think that because they have been given a few things they are accepted. Racism here is more in your face and we can pounce on it quickly. I laugh sometimes when reading some things you have to say. Only because believe it or not you make more sense than most when it comes to this topic. I mean everyone has their own thoughts and it’s cool..but you seem to see past the bull. A lot of Black people feel that they have to be accepted by others in order to make it. Just like when I look at some of our videos… there is always some white person in the video. But when you look at their video there is no one in it that looks like you and i. I see that as an issue.. Only because why do we have to put them in a video and a movie.. But they don’t have to put us in one of theirs. I just look at how some of us will sell our soul just be make it in this world. Or to just be so called accepted by others.

    But the reality you will never be. I remember something Oprah said “ no matter how much she has gained in life…there will always be those who will always see her as just another Nigga!” You know for the last month I have been traveling here in the US. I was in Atlanta visiting family and friends for a week. And I’m always amazed about how much power they give others over them. To the point where we were at a restaurant and a couple got seated before us. They were scared to say something… I was like hold up..wait a minute. And I went over to the hostess and told her we were here first. And they need to seat us now!!!! She was shocked and she did it right away…told the white couple we were first. I was mad at my friends and family because they were ok with being treated that way. After I left Atlanta I went to Miami for my job. I was there on South Beach and just the looks that were given to some of the Blacks pissed me off. And what made me mad even more was because it was from Latinos. They were speaking in Spanish talking about why do some Blacks need a tan…and that they are dark enough. Then went on to say they hated Blacks, by that time I was saying to my cousin in Spanish that Some Latinos think they are white but are not. And that if you go back in their family history they will find many Black grandparents and that if they were living here in the early 1900 they would have been considered Black because of the one drop rule!! They looked and looked but never said anything because I dared them to. Then is said directly to 2 of them…you look like you have a lot of Black in you. Wow such self hate!! They never said anything…but they left and I just laughed in their faces. People never know who you are… I look Black and I am very proud but I’m also Latin so I know Spanish to a point. From Miami off to NYC a friend is a writer for a soap opera there so he invited me there for 2 weeks. Had a blast and was without! And I guess that was because I was mostly around our people. And these Blacks were very aware of what it is to be Black and what Blacks go thru. So that experience was great and I just felt good being around like minded people.

    And you’re right there is none other like us. Most people want to be like us and act like us. Everything we do they try to mimic and steal from us. Even from the food we make and how we make it. Now in the south and here in Chicago our food is called soul food because of the way we prepare it and the spices that we use. Now when I go to Mississippi to visit family whites are calling it southern food. Now they use everything we have used since the beginning of time. And they now claim it as if it was something they came up with. And they get rich off of what we have come up with. But the reality is it has always been that way… and it always will be. Just like this chick Paula Dean…everything on her cooking show came from us!! Whites didn’t even know how to cook because we cooked their food!! Now she is the so called queen of the south…I think not!!!

    Oh sorry bro was taken away for a moment lol! If there is anyone that is Black that is living and breathing and thinks that there is no racism…they are just fools. You can bury you head in the sand all you like. But when you pull it out..there will still be other who don’t nor will they ever accept you just because you are Black. And I’m so over Blacks talking about “oh my best friend is white”. Please let that person get around his own..and see what’s up. And I love this comment you made “When you run into people who cannot see the racism and believe that the so called European man has “changed”, then you have met a conditioned slave who is happy with being defecated and urinated on, just as long as he can have that latest gadgets or watch his favorite programs on the te-LIE-vision.” I really like how you put that…

    Hey you’re so right about how the media controls our people. I have been saying that for years but most of our people can’t see it. And the sad part is when you point it out to them they want to argue about something they can’t even comprehend. If you have been shown images all your life…what else will you believe. If the white man tells you the sky is orange they will believe it because of who it is coming from. Now if one of our people say something they will question it and question it. And that’s fine but use your brain for everyone…you feel me.

    As you stated we will never come to the reality of us never being accepted if we don’t have the vision to see. It is just that simple! I’m going to email you look out for it.

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