“A lot of my friends say that I should go on that show, but I don’t think I could get into bed with that monstrosity,”.

“I couldn’t ever stand there and effectively tell them how to become a superstar. They won’t be, and a huge amount of money will be sunk into them that could have gone to someone who has worked hard for it. I love to give my advice and expertise to artists who are putting in the groundwork, but that show requires a level of fakeness that I couldn’t give.

“I’d want to get deep – talk about annunciation and posture – but the TV wouldn’t want that! They want pantomime.”

[Via Digital Spy]

Beverley speaks the truth!

Last years X-Factor was the worst. An arrogant Simon Cowell didn’t even try to hide the fact that the show was a complete and utter farce, and treated viewers/voters who tuned in each week like idiots. He just didn’t care.  All he cared about was taking the show to America and Cheryl “now jobless” Cole.

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  1. I DONT KNOW when beverley became free to tell it like it really is.. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!…..

  2. Good for her! I think anyone who speaks out against foolishness is cool! I like to say if you don’t like what is going on…then why support it. If people stop watching it will either go away or make major changes. That’s what’s up Beverly!!!

  3. Why is Beverley even bothering to speak on this based upon the fact that her friends said she should go on this show? Let’s face it X-Factor are not going to ask Beverley Knight to appear on X-Factor as a guest judge, a friend of a judge at judges houses, a mentor or even as a performer.

    I understand EXACTLY the point that Beverley was trying to make, but apart from her fans, and those like us who remember her debuting on the music scene back in the 90’s, no one is giving a rats arse about Ms Knight.

    The reason Beverley couldn’t stand there and “effectively tell them how to become a superstar” is because she isn’t one. I’m not knocking the woman’s talent at all we all know Beverley can sing (when she’s not screaming), but when I think of superstars I wouldn’t think of Beverley Knight instantaneously.

    I don’t need to sit here and reel off the names of artists that can be deemed as superstars, but I found reading this a little cringe worthy to be honest.

    I have to disagree with her comment about HOW she would want to mentor the contestants as being pantomime. I have seen SOME singers, few but some, actually give proper advice when it comes to technique, breathing and how to deliver the performance, so if she was ever asked I’m sure she could knock out a few lessons in Beverley Knight’s “school of how to become a superstar” on X-Factor.

    I do however agree with the 2nd paragraph after the ‘superstar’ nonsense, but she’s saying nothing new that regular folks haven’t spouted on Twitter or message boards before about the X-Factor format.

  4. I think alot of people miss the point with X factor, it’s not a talent show it’s an entertainment show, it’s not about who wins, people forget about them within a month, who even won the last one, scrap that who even won Britains got talent???? does anyone even care anymore? X-Factor is about the Saturday night and now Sunday entertainment, it’s about the hype, people wasting thier money phoning up lines to vote when it is most probably fixed, all making simon cowell that much richer, it’s about giving people something to talk about, it’s a show where the whole family and sit and watch, each having a different opinon. It’s hasn’t been about singing or talent for years it’s all about hype.

  5. So Beverley Knight who I think has an amazing voice only seems to be vocal for that fake media grabbing attention required for success as she has a new album out full of covers. Which some X-Factor singers only ever do. So what makes her different. She has not really pushed the boat or done a Floetry or Estelle and gone semi global by working hard has she.

    Established singers/musicians need to stop attacking people’s personal choices for how they wish to pursue their careers. These talent shows have given us some great singers who still sing today. Indeed because the show is reality entertainment tv foolishness is thrown in.

    So yes Bev you do not like xfactor but where is your star factor. Maybe if she chatted about her makeup line as much she would still be in some kind of business.

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