Tabloid rag The Sun reports that Jamelia has blasted police for constantly stopping and quizzing her over the car she drives.

The singer fumed,

“The police make me f****** sick. The amount of times I’ve been pulled over for nothing is ridiculous – at least once a month. Racism is alive and kicking.”

“I was in my car parked up. They said they have reason to believe my tax disc is counterfeit.

“When I asked them what this ‘reason’ was, they were stumped.

“They checked EVERYTHING… including tyre pressure (all legit). They went on to say they don’t see how this can be my car! They just saw a black girl in an adidas tracksuit and cap, in an expensive car.”

This makes me angry, but we all know that the police have been getting away with this rubbish for years. There was a point in time when black men encountered this type of situation on a daily basis, and some still do. 

I remember my dad telling me that years ago he was stopped in his expensive car by PC Plod who accused him of having no tax disc when the tax disc was there sat on the windscreen for all to see . My dad pointed this out to him and do you know what Plod did? Removed the tax disc, tore it up in to tiny pieces and said spitefully “well you don’t have one now”.

“Racism is alive and kicking.” – Erm… did you think racism had died Jameila????

Why do black British folk in the public eye always express surprise and shock when faced with racism? OPEN YOUR EYES AND WAKE UP! Yes racism is still alive and kicking and it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. 

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  1. More british black celebs need to speak up about this more often. How did Jermaine Defo was harassed by them police for ages he started a lawsuit against them. not sure of the outcome though

  2. Is this an attempt to raise awareness to her ‘plight’ or a sly attempt to tell us she owns an expensive vehicle? I remember reading some RT of hers on Twitter a few weeks back letting everybody know that she has millions in the bank.

    Very nice….
    “And in other news….”

  3. Next time you get stopped by the beast, ask them under what authority are they stopping you? Remember the Acts and Statues the police throw at you are not law, in fact the police just simply rely on your consent in co-operating with them. But let us look at what happens when you know your rights and do not consent:

    And here are some wise words on how to deal with the beast boys from the Antiterrorist. There are 3 parts to this video, I have posted the first:

  4. i kinda cringe when i hear particular people be surprised by things like this…..!!!
    this is a usual everyday occurence for the rest of the your people jamelia…
    should this have not happened to you? i dont quite follow!
    are we above being treated like this as celebs?

  5. Well this happens a lot here in the states. A lot of Black people as well as Black celebs go threw this often. I’m a bit surprised that you guys go threw this as well. I guess i was just hoping things were different over there. But i should have known better. Racism is alive and kicking everywhere and Black people need to be aware that no matter how much money they have it can and will happen to them at some point. But what gets me is the police seem to always get away with this bad behavior. The sad part about this is that when it does happen to you…it changes your whole view of the police and even people in this world. This has happen to me and my perception of the world will never be the same. And this happened 10 years ago when i was 24. Sorry Jamelia welcome to the real world…..

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