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A chilling note found in a car close to Joss Stone’s home allegedly contained details of a plan to ‘find a river to dump her in’.

The soul singer, who has an estimated £9million fortune, was apparently the target of a plot to attack and rob her.

Other handwritten notes found in the vehicle used the words ‘rob and kill, money in the safe, Joscelyn rob’, it was claimed.

Detectives probing the case also apparently found a Samurai sword, knives, a hammer, gloves and balaclavas in the small red vehicle which was parked close to the 24-year-old singer’s £500,000 Devon home.

Miss Stone, a good friend of Prince William, uses the gated house in Ashill, near Uffculme, as a UK base when she is not touring or working in the States.

Junior Bradshaw

Today Junior Bradshaw, 30, and Kevin Liverpool, 33, both from Manchester, were remanded in custody after appearing before Magistrates in Exeter accused of conspiracy to rob and cause grievous bodily harm.

The men, who spoke only to confirm their identities during the hearing, will next appear at Exeter Crown Court on July 1.

Kevin Liverpool

They arrived at the court casually dressed, Liverpool in a black T-shirt and Bradshaw, who had dreadlocks pulled into short pigtails, wearing a grey sweatshirt.

They were later remanded in custody after a hearing which lasted around 40 minutes. No members of the Stone family were in court for the hearing.  Continue Reading….


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  1. I personally am not buying any of this nonsense. What, can the media all of a sudden be trusted, are they now all of a sudden my friends? To be honest this sounds like a straight up publicity stunt. If they can lie to us about big catastrophes such as 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings, what big deal is it to fabricate a so called “conspiracy to rob and cause bodily harm” story using this small fry of a woman?

    The first thing that raised my suspicions was the fact that they haven’t exhibited to the public the so called “chilling note”, but they managed to show the nation part of the letter that Princess Diana Spencer wrote in which she predicted that she would die in a car accident(she was told this by decent whistle blowers in M15 months before).

    The constant mention of her wealth was also another tip off that something was fishy and then to top it all off, to add credibility to the story, they mention that she is friends with Prince William………….utter tripe, bunkham and rubbish. Is this the best the mainspin media can throw out now that their credibility is at an all time low and the fact that people know that they constantly lie and cannot be trusted?

    They could just as easily have recruited and paid these guys off to play the part of the so called “conspirators”. Yes, the mainspin media will go to these great lengths to keep the propaganda machine going in order to keep you asleep. Yes, they can and will will set up fake storylines/scenarios, actors/actresses, fake arrests, fake court proceedings, the works. I recommend that people watch the documentary “Star Suckers” where the media actually show you how they get you to buy into and believe their twoddle. If anyone can find it on youtube then download it asap as it keeps on getting pulled………hmmm, I wonder why.

    Failing that, the documentary is available from Amazon for 9 bills, here is a link:

    This is a documentary well worth having in the collection.

  2. People need to wise up to the tactics that the mainspin media uses on them in order to keep folks asleep or to get people to purchase in a particular direction. Also some books well worth reading on this topic are Propaganda by Edward Bernays and Mark Crispin Miller and We Know What You Want: How They Change Your Mind by Martin Howard and Douglas Rushkoff.

    Remember, Lenin said that he would win the public over by SLOGANS. Today you are bombarded with influential slogans everyday. Lets take a look at just a few of the many that are thrown at us, that many of us have now taken as a normal occurrence.

    Sainsbury’s – Making Life Taste Better/Try something New Today(on plastic bags).

    Tescos – Every Little Helps.

    Buy One Get One Free.

    Three For The Price Of Two/Two For The Price Of One.

    McDonald’s – I’m Loving It.

    Burger King – Have It Your Way(I believe that this slogan has changed now).

    Coca Cola – The Real thing.

    Hurry Sale Must End Soon, X% Off.

    Sale On, 30%, 40%, 50% Off etc.

    Got Milk?

    Gillette – The Best A Man Can Get(Suspect this slogan has now changed)

    Asda – Asda Price.

    Orange – The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Orange.

    Nokia – Connecting People.

    Motarola – Hello Moto.

    Budweiser – Whats Uuuuuuuuup(every person on the block was saying this when it first hit the screen – see how easy it is to direct folks? I believe this slogan has now changed).

    Hovis – Nout Taken Out(until they realise that there was bigger cheddar to be made in selling white bread aswell, then they sold out).

    Johnson & Johnson – Best For Baby, Best For You(even though they attended a world population reduction summit some time back – Best For Who????)

    Cosmetic companies are constantly talking about having younger looking skin and the disappearance of wrinkles. Well, we shouldn’t really be surprised since most of these cosmetic companies use Collagen from aborted fetuses. That is the source of your youth, an dead unborn child. This fetus collagen is in everything from facial creams to lipstick to lip gloss to foundations. You would think that these companies extract the collagen via some high tech scientific process. Try a standard household blender.

    On this topic, according to Rabbi Abe Finkelstein, Mcdonalds has the biggest demand for aborted fetusus which they use in their burger meat. Remember, with Edom nothing goes to waste, nothing(involuntary cannibalism). Notice how you do not see many stray dogs and cats around today?Looking at that kebab meat in a different light now eh…….nuff said. Anyway here a link to the first part of an interview called Conspiracy 101 The Aryan And The Rabbi:

    Anyhoo, watch commercials the next time you have an opportunity and now the slogans will begin to stand out, whether just spoken or in a song form. These slogans go straight into the subconscious and cause you to go for particular items over others without you even consciously knowing. Excuse the rant but I have to say something when the media tries to pull a fast one with crap like this. I apologise in advance if somebody’s world paradigm gets smashed.

  3. I should add also that there is an excellent film out called Wag The Dog starring Robert Dinero and Dustin Hoffman(JewISH) which goes into depth in relation to how much fluff the media deals with and what lengths they will go to, to distract the public.

  4. Jan you’re suggesting – and Verbs you’re saying – that Joss Stone, who I believe is independently releasing some new music soon, has paid two guys to possibly go to jail for conspiracy to rob and murder in order to raise her profile prior to the albums release. And the mainstream media is supporting this conspiracy as they too want us to buy her album. My only question is why did the two guys write their whole plan down on paper (i.e. “dump body in river”) and keep the notes in the car. But then again if they are dumb enough to embark on this mission (and I think that’s all there is to this story – they dumb), they are dumb enough to write it down.

    A healthy cynicism and not taking absolutely everything at face value is a good thing, but that can sometimes easily creep into paranoia.

  5. @Pheva

    What note??? I haven’t seen any note yet. Have you been shown any note yet? Nobody here has seen any form of a note, we are simply relying on what information is being given to us by the media. What I’m suggesting is that her management team are most probably behind this nonsense. They would be the ones who would together with the mainspin media organise this whole scenario.

    You have to understand that the media are not there to tell you the truth. In fact they never have been there to tell you the truth. I cannot think of any examples of where the media has voluntarily told the truth. They only tell the truth when forced to. Once people grasp the true understanding that the mainspin media is there to keep them distracted and will publicise bold face lies in order to do it, feeling no way about it, stunts such as these no longer seem so outlandish.

    Now what will happen is when she releases her music, people will automatically remember her because of this story. A crafty but effective form of PR. I understand where you are coming from on the paranoia front but understand that the mainstream media have never given me any reasons to trust them but given me many 1000s of reasons not to.

  6. I’ve never like Joss Stone and the time when she went and stage and spoke in an American accent she had been there for a week was laughable, I’ve been hearing from good sources she’s a bit like Natasha Giggs out there in the US I’m not going to say anymore, it’s funny it’s gone very quiet with Joss Stone then we hear this and that she is releasing a single, how many times do you hear of pop stars getting robbed and murdered, they normally get robbed not murdered, when that happens too much attention is brought on the murders it just don’t happen

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