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As most of you will already know by now Ryan Giggs is going through a bit of a “rough patch” at the moment.  The married footballer has been exposed as a liar and a cheat (he allegedly had an affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas) and he is now accused of having an eight year affair with his sister-in-law Natasha Giggs. Click HERE to read all about it.

Ryan Giggs

After it was first revealed that Ryan had allegedly had an affair with Imogen Thomas his absentee father Danny Wilson, who Ryan hasn’t spoken to in YEARS suddenly crawled out of the pit and happily bad mouthed his son to The Daily Mail for cash. Click HERE to read. And now Ryan’s aunt (Danny’s sister) has decided to cash in too.

Joanna Wilson tells The Daily Mail,

‘I can’t believe the mess Ryan’s made of his life – I’m totally disgusted by his behaviour.

‘He’s a predator of women, he pursued Natasha and Imogen – he might have a sex addiction who knows. One thing’s for sure – he can’t keep his trousers up.’ Click HERE to read more…

I have a problem with family members selling out their famous relatives just to make a quick buck. I bet like her brother Joanna has no relationship with Ryan, knows absolutely nothing about his life, has never met his wife and kids, and only ever sees her nephew on television.

As for Ryan being “a predator of women” OH PLEASE!  Those women are no angels. I doubt they took much persuading and were more than happy to lie down with a premiership footballer

Auntie Joanna should just crawl back under her rock in Cardiff and shut her trap.

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  1. It’s a fact to the people that “KNOW” these two parasites being the Giggs boys “DAD and AUNTY” haven’t had contact with them for years ! google DANNY WILSON and then tell me he has the right to demonise his own son….the smell of the green paper to make a quick buck and add more sensationalism to this story is all their interested about, their as repulsive as the kiss and tell whores.

    Unfortunately the gullible press bite onto every word these people say to sell stories and it’s not ALL true but do they care ??? The damage this revelation has done to the families of both parties is not acceptable to me, the kids, Grandparents etc…they don’t need to be exposed to this and stigmas to be attached to them from the public nor their so called “friends”….

    Is this man a murderer or Child -molester , hard drug dealer? is he a menace to society ? is this a state secret needing to be told to the population ? Will his misdemeanour’s cause a war ?? simply NO !!
    So who gives a f** about a footballers sex life or anyone else’s ?? He’s done what millions of other men and women do every day have SEX with other people outside of his marriage but because he’s a “CELEB” name and shame him, lets tell the world and RUIN his family….

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