Don’t mess with South London girl Naomi! She will drag you and your whole crew through the courts.

Via The Media Guardian

Confectionery giant Cadbury has apologised to Naomi Campbell after the supermodel claimed an advert comparing her to one of its chocolate bars was racist.

The advert for Cadbury’s Bliss range of Dairy Milk chocolate bars used the strapline “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town”.

Campbell said she was “shocked” by the ad, intended as a tongue-in-cheek play on Campbell’s reputation for diva-style tantrums and behaviour.

“It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people,” she said. “I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful.”

Campaigning group Operation Black vote called the ad an “insult” to black women, while the supermodel’s mother Valerie said she was “deeply upset by this racist advert”.

“This is the 21st century, not the 1950s,” she added. “Shame on Cadbury.”

The ad was one of 15 developed by Fallon, the agency behind Cadbury’s famous drumming gorilla TV campaign.

Cadbury, now part of the Kraft empire, pulled the ads and initially issued a statement saying it was “never our intention to cause offence” and it had positioned the campaign as a “light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss”. Continue Reading….

Yet another major ad campaign FAIL!


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  1. I’m not sure I understand…

    Naomi is upset because she was likened to a dark chocolate candybar.

    Not because she was ostensibly called a diva (in the negative connotation, even), but that her glorious skin tone was secondarily highlighted (figuratively) and made light of (no pun intended)?

    A lil’ sensitive, is she?

  2. just a little ….. what i would like her to know is i was highly offended by her trial account about the alleged diamonds that she recieved…… i would like to complain about that naomi…..!
    how about that!!

  3. Yes we all know she took them. But I doubt she knew what a blood diamond was back in 97. Nobody suspected Charles Taylor of alleged war crimes back then. He was an invited guest in Mandela’s home remember. And she didn’t keep the diamonds. Not long after receiving them she passed them on to the man who ran Nelson Mandela’s Foundation, who held on to them for 13 years…..

  4. if she didnt think they were valuable why did she give them to someone else to keep … i also watched the acress accoubnt of what happened.. theres holes in naomi story!! sorry jan!!!

  5. Regardless she still wasn’t the one on trial. She’s not the one who allegedly committed all these atrocities. The focus should have been, and should still be on Charles Taylor wherever he is now.

  6. I am with you on this one Janice, some people forgot that wasn’t Naomi’s trial, that went a bit over the top, in that case they should have prosecuted Nelson Mandela for having C.Taylor over. Sometimes I do believe some people have an agenda against Naomi.
    Instead of prosecuting the suppliers of weapons that Taylor used to commit the genocide, They were the right witnesses of how they exchanged diamonds with weapons they supplied during Mr taylor’s time. NOT Naomi!!!!!

    To get back to the AD,the use of the word Diva should have made her raise her eyebrows!!!

  7. @Nubianbella

    It was over the top. The media and even the court just wanted her there to add some “glamour/celebrity” to the proceedings. Charles Taylor was all but forgotten, no let’s just focus on Naomi accepting stones from one of Taylor’s cronies at Mandela’s home. It was ridiculous. And after she testified the media lost interest.It was laughable.

    Exactly nobody is talking to the individuals from the West who fund these wars, and supply weapons to these nations. And nobody’s talking to the Mandela Foundation who Naomi donated the diamonds too, perhaps naively thinking they would do some good there. No, they would rather put Naomi on the stand and treat her like the criminal.

    The media has an agenda. The agenda is to vilify Noami at every given opportunity.

  8. the advert not only tried to throw shade at naomi but the choc bar is sat on a bed of diamonds. tsk tsk tsk – wel done naomi for getting your apology

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