The annual Afro-Hair & Beauty Show took place in London this past weekend and some “bright spark” decided that it would be a good idea to set up a stall with ‘Fair and White’ skin-lightening products on display.

*Shaking my head*

Now I know that sadly there are born idiots within the black community who use these products on a daily basis and walk up and down Rye Lane in Peckham / Brixton High Street looking like their skin is on fire, but this poison has no place at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show. Why would the organisers turn a blind eye and allow for these products to be promoted at an event which supposedly aims to promote cultural pride??

Click HERE to read more via The Voice Online.

Afro Hair & Beauty organiser Grace Kelly has got some explaining to do.

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  1. When you see people Vbyz Kartel, why would you ever consider this as a beauty option?

  2. The problem is, in these type of events, the sponsors are Asians or Whites.

    So when it comes to money some people don’t have any ethics.

    I find amusing that some were shocked by this when the show in itself is mainly promoting fake/straight hair and very little on hair care for relaxed, natural etc…

  3. If some of our people are going to be stupid enough and by these products then more fool them. I went onto the Mitchell Group website(the company that manufactures and distributes this Fair And White trash) and found the first sentence of their “about us” section very interesting. I have capitalised a few words in the sentence to jog the so called Negro’s forgetful memory. It reads:

    “Founded in England in 1954, Mitchell Group soon became known as a leader in the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, specializing in skincare products that TARGETED skin discoloration for WOMEN AND MEN in AFRICA”.

    First and foremost Mitchell Group is Jew(ISH) owned. Secondly can somebody please tell since when has any PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY gone into Africa to bring benefits to our people?
    For those fools who believe that they may be some benefit involved here, I will refresh your memory with what pharmaceutical companies are really up to in Africa:

    Let us also not forget the World Health Organisation who in the 1970s on record went into Africa distributing small pox vaccinations that contained the HIV virus. These are the same pharma companies who are now legally exempt from being sued if you or your children happen to have a bad reaction or as they called them suffer “side effect” from their products whatever they may be. Is death a side effect?

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. There are some African countries that make bleaching products too unfortunately. There’s a market for these products, if it is not Asians making them, the Africans are making them, and these products sell.But Asian products have an advantage on the market.

  5. They sell skin bleaching products at the afro hair & beauty show every year! And every year I watch dark-skinned women flock to the stands selling them. I don’t know who to blame… the events organisers for allowing these products to be sold at an event that’s supposedly celebrating black beauty, the (asian) companies selling these products at the event, or the dark skinned women buying them!

  6. I went to this event once. I saw no afro hair. This product is as fitting for the event as the name is.

  7. Not surprised! These creams are all over the Caribbean!!!! I mean everywhere you turn…i just shake my head. But when i see people buying it….

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