“She may be doing fine at the moment, but I’m worried about her future. She’s very young, and she’s very talented, but she doesn’t seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter.

“Instead, she surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisers who’ve turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll.

“I was raised by gay guys myself, and I turned out all right in the end. But you know, you can only pull off this meat-dress act for so long. If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren’t into that kind of thing.”

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  1. “I was raised by gay guys myself, and I turned out all right in the end”.

    This comment is very fitting, a clear acknowledgement that being raised by and hanging out with homosexuals can cause defective thoughts and actions in a person. I have said it before, the homosexual hates women as they are both in competition for the same thing, men. The same policy applies to lesbians who hate men because they are both after the same thing, women.

    She turned out all right as far as I can see means that she retained and executed her natural tendencies, which are towards men rather than crossing over to the darkside. Lady Gaga is simply a willing prostitute for the JewISH music industry who has been purposely groomed and brought in at this particular point in time to push the taboo envelope many stages further, the main emphasis is towards corrupting the youth. The same goes for the bisexual reprobate known as Nicki Minaj.

    It isn’t hard to pick any person up from off the streets and make them into a superstar.

  2. “…But you know, you can only pull off this meat-dress act for so long…”


    Anyway, question for you, Verbs (and anyone else who doesn’t “get” performance art)…

    Are ALL artists REQUIRED to conform? Is no one allowed to push the envelope? What about the fact that it’s just that, a PERFORMANCE, and not to be taken seriously? Whose responsibility is it to enable our youth to differentiate between real and imagined? Us parents? Total strangers on TV/radio/movies?

    Just curious. I’m not a Gaga fan personally, so don’t think I’m “defending” her.

  3. When Courtney sorts out her life 100% then she can comment. Lady Gaga is bi-sexual anyway so maybe she doesn’t even want a man. Did she ever think about that?

  4. @Sundance

    We may have be lead to believe that what Gaga is doing is so called “performance art” had we not had books from the 1800s in which the authors talked about implementing schemes and strategies to encourage pre pubertal sex among the youth, to ensure that people would not bond and thus have offspring(depopulation agenda) and to dethrone man from off his position as the highest being in the earth via degrading him. So you look at Gaga’s “performances” as merely that, however I look at what Gaga is doing as ritualistic and as part of an agenda and a script being played out.

    Now we have Gaga encouraging little girls that it is cool to be shagged by 2 men at once, but it is just a performance right?

    You should know by now that children emulate what they see on television so it goes far beyond a performance. Just because you have the intelligence to not following through on what you see projected(I hope,lol), you cannot make that careless assumption for others, especially children who think differently to adults.

    If you wish to make it big in the music industry then non conformation is not an option, you will do exactly what you are told to do, whether it is wearing meat dresses, simulating your own death or simulating group sex on stage, you will do it if you want the fame. However, if you love the music for the creativity and you are content without the limelight, to perform at local, national and international stages without the promotion and the backing of the big boys, then you can make more of a stand and you can exercise more freedom. Ty is an example of this route.

    Push the envelope to what? More slackness, more degradation, more abominable filth? There is a clear agenda afoot here, that cannot be denied and the aim is to alter the behaviour of the youth and guess what, it is working.

    The problem with a society without morality is it will not stand up and fight for anything. An example of this is in the States where people are being regularly fondled by TSA workers for refusing to go through the naked body scanners at airports. This is what years of “pushing the envelope” has done, people no longer respect themselves and they now feel it is ok to turn around and disrespect you.

    It should be the responsibility of the parents however for many parents, the television has been a good companion and babysitter for their children, thus the state through the media has raised their children for them. Most parents have simple adjusted and adjusted and adjusted as the small changes have come down the pike, very few parents critically analyse information before they pass it on to their children anymore. Most parents are goners themselves from the indoctrination and pre programming they received growing up, yet alone their children.

    So no, just because you decide to see something as a performance and go no further in thought of it, it doesn’t now mean that the so called “performance” stops at just that. One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming that people wouldn’t be so wicked, evil and stoop so low as to do a certain act because they themselves “wouldn’t do that”. Stop judging people based upon yourself, your emotions and convictions. The rabbit hole goes further, much further than you think.

  5. The whole performance art thing is ridiculous to me. Fashion has existed for 100s of years. She wears avant-garde, expensive designer clothing that has been in Vogue for decades. It’s not that revolutionary. She’s just wearing fashion. Bjork did it… but her music was not at all like “Just Dance.” So, what happens when you take Bjork and mix her with the Pussycat Dolls? I don’t dislike Gaga, I just find that her fans can (I guess, ironically) be really hateful and they’re commenting other blogs saying that they wish Courtney would die.

    That’s not necessary.

    Biting off the head of a Barbie doll is SO amateur, I’m sorry. And guns on a bra is just a contradictory, thoughtless overdone feminist statement. I guess I can understand appreciating the fact that Gaga is trying to make a statement but the worship from her millions and millions of fans is just off-putting for me because who’s to say that Gaga is sincere? Why are people so quick to get her picture tattooed on their arms? Ever think that maybe Lady Gaga just says the things she says to get you to buy her music? Ever think that she says she was a “freak” in High School just so that you can relate to her? She is a naturally beautiful girl and in her High School pictures she is surrounded by friends… and she looks popular and normal and happy. It’s like when Megan Fox says that she loved comic books growing up… that’s not necessarily true. She’s most likely saying that to make herself more desirable to teenage boys who think she is their dream girl. Courtney Love is a feminist icon. Courtney was the leading female in rock music… she wore tiaras and smudged red lipstick and dripping mascara and bleach blonde hair and babydoll dresses as a satire. She was obsessed with commenting on sex… not just sexism… but how natural images of sex can be so demeaning and other images can be empowering. Her feminist statements were incredibly revolutionary and Courtney’s work is ALWAYS overlooked.

    After Courtney stage-dived in the mid 1990’s she was sexually assaulted as men in the crowd ripped off her shirt. Someone snapped a photo of it right as they were ripping off her shirt, and Courtney was still smiling – unaware of what was happening. A journalist said that she was asking for it and that she liked it. Courtney later wrote a song called “Asking For It” in which she screams “Was she asking for it?.” Her music was meaningful and powerful and she never gets any recognition.

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