Comedian/Choice FM Breakfast Show host Kojo will be  casting for his up and coming “Urban” comedy The Weekend which is set to be shot this summer, and today (8th May) is the last day to register to be at the open casting.

Check out the film’s synopsis and the list of characters below.


Derrick, Tyrone & Malcolm live in East London and are college students who have spent their whole college experience being non-existent. It’s the last day of college before they finally move into the real world. They come across some money which was left in an alleyway by some thugs and decide to spend THE WEEKEND like they never have before. They are very outlandish with their spending of the money which alerts the thugs on the whereabouts of their money. The thugs catch up with the boys and give them a deadline of Sunday midnight to return the money they have spent or risk even more problems. The boys do a massive carwash & sell all of their purchased items in order to make the money back. But is that enough or will there be more twist and turns?


DERRICK is 19, charming, witty and tired of being a loser. He wants to be popular. (To be played by Kojo)

TYRONE is an 18 year old Black guy who has a troubled life at home. He hides a lot of his pain buy pretending all is well and saying things how he sees it.

MALCOLM is a 18 year old White guy who’s hilarious and quirky. He’s got a big mouth which hide’s is insecurities. He’s the person who keeps their bond together.

MARTINA is 19, sweet, soft spoken and a timid girl. She has hidden beauty, wears glasses and has a massive crush on first love Derrick.

KELLY is 18yrs old, very opinionated, and is close friends with Martina. She’s nerdy and hates rude & popular people.

CARLA is 15 and is Derricks younger sister. She’s cute but very cheeky and is always plotting the demise of her older brother.

TANYA is  19, attractive, motivated by money and will do whatever it takes to be around it. She has a mean streak and has no time for “ordinary people” She’s always has the latest fashion and refuses to not look immaculate.

KEISHA & KIM are 18 year old twins. They are both clueless and follow and do whatever Tanya thinks is cool. They are gold diggers who love boys who are popular and have swagger.

DAMIAN is a 30 year old man, who’s the leader of the thugs. He works for The Butcher and keeps Tiny & Kane in check. He’s aggressive and feels the need to shows his leadership by telling them off.

TINY is 28, very built, dopey, slow and always get’s things wrong. He doesn’t say much and is controlled by Damian’s aggressive attitude.

KANE is an 18 year old college dropout who has turned to a life of crime. He’s the youngest of the thugs and owns a dog.

STREETS is a 27 year old homeless guy, who has a response for everything. He’s has loyalty to anyone willing to off him a buck. He likes to be centre of attention but just wants food and a shower.

MISS LLOYD who is in her mid 30′s is the college teacher from America, who is in her mid 30’s, very beautiful and has a close relationship with Tyrone. She’s very endearing and makes time for the boys.

NATHAN is a 19 year old show off. He has a contract at Arsenal and feels the need to throw it in everyone’s face. He’s very flamboyant and pretty looking.

JASON is an 18 year old White guy who also plays football but for Barnet. He just tags along with Nathan just to get girls attention.

LEMAR is 18 and also plays football but for Leyton Orient. He also tags a long with Nathan for girls and attention.

OFFICER JACKSON is a 35 year old American policeman who has transferred over to the UK. He has zero tolerance for criminals and is always ready to shoot a man down.

OFFICER STEVENS is a 33 year old UK police officer who believes his job is to take the leaner approach to criminals and bring them to justice. He hates violence and thinks things can be solved by speaking to criminals in a friendly tone.

TO APPLY FOR CASTING, EMAIL leaving which character you would like to cast for, your picture, age & contact number.

Kojo is playing a 19 year old??? *confused and scratching head*. Only the cast from Glee can get away with playing teenagers. But this is Kojo’s film so who am I to question his decision to cast himself as a man in his late teens….

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