Former Big Brother star Makosi Musambasi was left shocked and distressed after being racially abused on Twitter last night by some random who a long with some next random both seem to have far too much time on their hands.!/Morton457_/status/65231400009338880!/Jayzo9/status/65525577691574272

The Zimbabwean who made a name for herself after appearing on reality show Big Brother in 2005 later told website Pappzd

Its really unfortunate that’s the world we live in! We see racism in football we see it on TV and experience it on twitter!  We even see it with the police, but I must say black people as a race have come a long way. I take pride in our strength and I too dream of a world where the colour of our skin will not matter and subject us to abuse.

Keep on dreaming Makosi. Racism isn’t going anywhere. 

I can see publicity loving Makosi using this sad situation to her advantage though.  She’s already managed to generate some online coverage and her “agent” has probably already negotiated/booked her a spot on morning breakfast show Daybreak (who are always desperate for a story.. ANY STORY!), so Makosi can talk about this experience during a segment titled ‘Dealing With Racism on Twitter’.

Watch this space folks!


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  1. What, did she think that she would be accepted by the Caucasoids because she submitted herself to their bread and circus entertainment in which she decided to copulate with an Edomite in a swimming pool on national television? That is exactly right Jan, as long as we are under the Anglo European establishment, racism is staying put. Makosi, did you expect anything less from Edom? When will we as so called Negroes learn that we will NEVER be accepted by the so called white man UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES?

  2. that bloked targeted lindford christie on twitter as well. Well she make some money off it . like why not..

  3. I’m sorry who is this Makosi? And secondly who cares… Just another publicity stunt over someones trolling

  4. wow and people think i’m too harsh sometimes when i write what i write. I just see the reality in all of this. Some whites and most whites will never accept us Negros! But i’m ok with that…don’t want to be round anyone who don’t want to be around me. I guess i just feel grateful for just being able to see things with both eyes open. Not wanting to fit into anyones world…. Hell people need to fit in my! But it’s sad but it is the reality of the world. No matter where you go in this world if you’re Black people will not like you. Just because of that.. Some Black feel like they were on a show…others will like them.. Clearly she should see now!!! But also to be so bold about his hate for us!!!!! wow!!!!

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