Osama bin Laden

Unless you’re living under a rock, most of you will have heard by now that Osama bin Laden is dead.

According to the US government he was killed in a raid in Pakistan and reports say he has been “buried at sea”.  Click HERE to read more….

I was under the impression that he had died years ago. But anyway… after President Obama announced the news there were jubilant scenes across America celebrating a man’s death. The gullible stood outside the White House waving flags and shouting “USA, USA, USA” and “four more years” in support of Obama’s campaign to stay in office for a second term,  like somehow all is now right with the world.


WAKE UP Idiots!

Well it looks like ‘Operation win a second term in the White House’ is almost complete.

And this tweet from writer Tahirah also sums up my feelings on today’s news.

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  1. Glad to see that some folks are not falling for this propaganda and nonsense of distraction. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for the last 10 years. All the mainspin media are doing now is clearing the ground to put up the next boogie man that we are all “supposed to hate”. No doubt that this new boogie man will stem from the Middle East(I reckon Khadaffi or Ahmedinejad). Well mainspin media, since you want to do the work of devils, do it by yourself and use your tub of vaseline in your own corner.

    Sorry, the former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto let the cat out of the bag that CIA asset Tim Osman…………sorry Osama Bin Laden had been assassinated years ago. Let us take a look at the interview that she had with Sir David Frost before her assassination:

  2. Did David Frost pick up the point of what Benazir said during this interview?

  3. @Pheva

    Probably, but he either chose to ignore it for fear of his own career if he pursued that point in the interview or even more so his own life or he was told to ignore what she said through his earpiece by management. Osama has been dead since 2001, some even estimate that he was killed on September 11th. There was a small report in one of the American rags on his death shortly after that but that was a extremely small paragraph that was there for one day and never seen again.

  4. @ Real NV

    The truth has to come out and lies must be put down. Since we know the mainspin media are a bunch of liars, it is wiser for us to do our own research.

  5. Ahahahahaa but check me out, bout I got screenshot-quoted on Mad News!

    But on the real, I can’t even go in to what I really feel about this whole efferies online unless I want to prepare a spot in Guantanamo Bay for myself. I’m just glad there are some people who seek truth away from the brainwashed masses.

  6. Lol Hey Tahriah I had feature it. It sums up my feelings.

    But today an Obama supporter didn’t take to kindly to me retweeting tweets from “non believers”, and attempted to “pull me up”. He must have thought he was my old head mistress. He even went as far as to tell me what I should/should not post. Hahaha! The twat got himself in to a right state.

    Check out his timeline.


  7. well i think that he deserves that for every thing he did now they mad at us for celabrating they do it when the kill someone from over here thats not fair how come we cant do it bitches

  8. sorry for putting that im just so mad at all the rumors going on, people just sayin that he realy isnt dead it gets me so mad

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