Check out the video for Jessie J’s new single Nobody’s Perfect.

The Track –  There is nothing particularly outstanding about this single. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, yes Jessie can sing but I still don’t see what all the hype is about.

The Video – Judging from the Alice In Wonderland inspired video, no expense was spared for “woman of the moment” Jessie.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. My sister i don’t get the hype either. And to me there is not anything really special about her. Its about her being white and doing basically Black music.Now that is what i see….but i could be wrong!!

  2. Well I did click on the link…and that girl can sang!!! I said sang instead of sing….cause she has the pipes. But my question to all that commented on this subject. Don’t you just get sick and tired of racism? Don’t you get tired of seeing so many Blacks put on the back burner? Or not even acknowledge at all and others who are less talented make it? This is just how I feel! I hate the way things are done to us. I’m not hating one others, but most are being marketed based on their color. Or because they have the ability to do our music. And then you hear “oh my god I just love Jessie J”. Everyone jumps on the band wagon because others tell you how wonderful she is. Now she does have talent….but so do! I hope this makes sense to you all. I’m just sooooo tired of us being tucked away in the closet and others getting the best contracts, money, marketing etc….

  3. claps hands for moreno’s comment FULLY AGRESS ( VERY TIRED OF THIS BLATANT BACKBURNER STATUS) then goes back to my own comment .

  4. i was just thinking about how they also use one of us to give them more credibility. Like the calabo with B.O.B…He could have done a calabo with Ty. My point is that we have it 10 times harder to break into anything. We have to be 10 times better than others to just get in the door. It takes us to support us…to make it. Yeah others as well but it has to start with us. I just listened to Ty latest Cd..a friend sent it to me from the UK about 6 months ago. And he has mad talent! And if you just sit back and listen to his lyrics…he’s saying something. But how much do we hear about Ty being the next UK sensation over here in the USA?? We don’t so there is a problem here. I think what is needed is …we do our own marketing and stop depending on the labels to do it for us. Because they do such a half ass job. Unless the person is other! My message is not about hate it is about support for our own. Because we all know that others will support their own…so why not us!!!!!! I saw Jesse J on the Jimmy Kimmel show a while back…and she was hailed as the best thing coming out of the UK…. I just SMH!! Because in my opinion she is not!! She has her own i won’t take that away from her…but…. My question is….when will the playing field be level and equal. My friends learn about the artist in the UK because when they come to my house i introduce them to UK Black artist. And they are like this is really hot… That track is baggin! There needs to be more marketing for you guys over here, And not leaving it up to the label. There can be flyer’s..bill boards….that don’t cost much. There can be a billboard saying WHO IS TY…WITH A PICTURE and some names of your track. I’m using Ty because i listen to his music daily….and because he is really good! So come on people do something… Because no one will do anything for you… And i want to comment on something Edris Elba said….but later

  5. I like this song, it is nice. If I just focus on Jessie J as an artist and cut out all the other surrounding factors, I think she is cool. Her album sounds good for what it is and she can sing.

    Having said that I totally feel everything Moreno is saying, It is annoying and sad but I can’t scapegoat Jessie J for having certain privileges that she has. I aint gonna hate the player I am gonna rightfully hate the game and not be fooled by the game.

  6. Black people made a culture and sold a culture to all races and introduced it to everybody, and now all of a sudden we are not good enough to sell it allover again. I understand in the past, white folks didn’t like the idea of socialising with black folks on black music and prefered having black folks sing to an all white audience without mixing, and also inorder to get some of the genres heard on a wider scale, white folks had to adopt the black originated genres and sell them to their fellow white folks, but surely we must be past that stage atleast to a certain degree. These racist labels are so full of BS anyway. They create the divisions and racism.

  7. As I do understand all that Dera & Karl Nova is saying… (Oh Karl Nova madd talent as well….would love to hear more from him) I in no way have any hatred for Jessie J. but more so for the game. But with that being said I like her music to a point…but I will not purchase it. For me and how I live my life..there is a point to everything. And we/me have to be more conscious of what is going on. We cannot just sit back and say ok and keep it moving. We at some point have to do something! Not just sit back and say oh wow she is amazing and go buy her work. I look at the bigger picture here and I say she is good but… why is she able to get so far when my people are so much better. But they get pushed to the back. Hell to me it is just like here in the USA when BLACKS had to sit on the back of the bus. Now listen to what I am saying…no it is not to that extreme…but in a way it is. Just because of her skin for me does not give her a pass. Just because she has the privilege so call skin color doesn’t make it ok for me. Now someone talked about all these racist labels…well isn’t that the same? She gets push to the front while others have to stay on the side line. And I know all about the Our history when it comes to music and what had taken place. But I look at it like this…some 70 years later and we’re still being played. No one can honestly tell me that they are ok with this type of blatant racism.. And if you are…then you need to check yourself. Yes Jessie J has some talent…I won’t deny that,.. Will I buy her music NEVER…I do it out of principle. If the playing field was level and equal I would do it in a heartbeat… But it is not,…so I say not!!! Will I listen to it..sure… And this is just not about Jesse J…this applies to all OTHERS as well. Now I see tv commercials about her everyday here…. I just think we as Black people need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to everything that we do. Because no matter what you think…this will affect our kid in the future. It’s about taking a stand.. and not sitting back not doing a damn thing every time!!! Is that what we Black people have become… puppets???? And I would love for there not to be any division in any part of our everyday lives….but that is not realistic. And what I have learned is…that I like everyone…but everyone doesn’t like me because of my skin color… And when it comes to the music industry isn’t it obvious???? But I ask everyone this…why is it that we must be the one to bridge the gap when we aren’t the ones responsible for it? As I said before I hate no one…but I’m just for my people….that simple!!! And that will NEVER CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well, obviously the racist labels clearly are for their own people and are not bridging but widening the blatant racist gap.

  9. when I used the word “hate” here I didn’t mean it literally. I just mentioned it in reference to the saying “don’t hate the player, hate the game”

    I understand what you’re saying Moreno (thanks for the props by the way!) but I think a factor to consider is record labels are loyal first and foremost to the cold hard green cash. That’s the first colour that matters to them and I guess they feel this is the way they are going to cash in. Jessie J means possible sales as far as they are concerned and they are a business first. The bottom line is the bottom line. I am not saying this in their defence because I have issues with the whole thing too and agree with your point of view.

    “It’s all about the benjamins”

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