DJ Mister Cee (real name Calvin Lebrun)

It was reported on Monday that popular Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee (real name Calvin Lebrun) who also produced The Notorious BIG’s debut album Ready To Die) had been arrested and charged with “public lewdness” on March 30, after he was allegedly caught receiving oral services from 20-year-old Lawrence Campbell (who also goes by the name Brook-Lynne Lady), in a parked car.

After website Diary Of A Hollywood Street King posted the news, Twitter went crazy, which then prompted Cee’s famous friends/colleagues (e.g. Ed Lover and DJ Funk Master Flex) to come out in his defence. According to Ed and Flex the explosive allegations were just a vicious rumour – ALL LIES! And via Twitter Cee denied being in the car and went on to accuse the police of spreading lies and “targeting DJs and rappers”.

I actually think that the NYPD has better things to do in 2011 then to waste time spreading lies about random HOT 97 DJs. Why would Cee even be on their radar???

To quote my girl Nemat – “The Hip Hop police is sooooooooooo last decade”.


The police later confirmed that Mister Cee (Calvin Lebrun) and Lawrence Campbell were both arrested on the 30 March and the Smoking Gun website has obtained a copy of the official criminal complaint filed by the arresting officer. Click HERE to read. The police also revealed that Mister Cee was arrested twice before on the 8 October and 20 November 2010, for “loitering for the purpose of prostitution.”

DJ Mister Cee (real name Calvin Lebrun) and Lawrence Campbell


Throughout all of this though Funk Flex still continues to defend his friend and has resorted to threatening rival NYC radio station Power 105 host Charlamagne Tha God, who openly questions Cee’s innocence.  But Charlamagne not one to let things lie came back with this….

Radio station rivals Funk Flex and Charlamagne Tha God


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Charlamagne kills me!

I commend Flex for standing by his friend but he sounds like a complete IDIOT!

Anyway Mister Cee and Lawrence Campbell are due back in court on the 1 June.

This is probably all just ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING………

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  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    This is right up there with when Jamies Foxx (The Foxxhole) and Howard Stern were beefing!
    What is wrong with Funk Master Flex. Your mate got caught with his drawers down>
    Charlamane actually made me laugh out loud.
    He should call him Flex Hogan from now on.
    Why does Flex get so mad about things?
    Its not that serious, no one died, his mate was just getting his freak on
    Granted it was in a place that he should not have benn getting it on, but to be fair its all good.
    I want to see what these pictures are. I think Charlaman and Flex should expose each other if they have suacy pics and info on each other. Would make for great listening lol

  2. This whole thing is a comedy to me, Flex getting all kinda angry was hilarious. Good for him for supporting his friend but all he needed to say was ‘this doesn’t change what the man has done for hip hop, he’s still a legend’ but nooooo lets start fights with other djs.

    And lol @ them saying Angela yee is the only who should be worried, I was thinking the same thing too. We know Flex’s history with women.

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