Singer Seal lost his cool after being called “ugly” last night on Twitter. Judging from his reaction it seems that the mean spirited person who called him “ugly” hit a raw nerve.

“When people say derogatory and spiteful, personal attacks on me, my children will eventually see that and THAT I WILL NOT HAVE! I will attack those who threaten their innocence.”

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Seal says that he doesn’t care if people think he’s ugly but you get the feeling he does.  

@JaySeanFansNY has now deleted her/his account.

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  1. If Seal has all that and is happy why is he bothering to respond to some random anonymous person? Why would the anonymous person delete their account?

  2. Twitter is a great thing, it allows people to share their thoughts and opinions with the world however the flip side is that it allows spiteful and mean people to say horrible things about others. I don’t care whether they are celebs or not, you don’t have a right to attack someone based on their looks and beliefs especially when you are hiding behind a computer or in that person’s case – an iPad. Seal has every right to be upset on his family’s behalf and on his own. Who likes to be called ugly in a public domain? The guy who wrote the tweet is a moron.

  3. @ Ty & Ondo Lady – yes of course “JaySeanFansNY” is a moron and Seal had every right to respond if he wanted to, but I’m just wondering why he would bother. The fact that the person was anonymous means that they should just be ignored even more. Maybe something else was said by that person that we don’t know. But JaySeanFansNY probably had less than 50 followers. Seal has almost 20,000, so all he has done is kept the original insult going.

  4. The question should be why would this guy bother to tweet insults @ Seal when he doesn’t know him from anywhere not why would he respond. It may be de rigueur for Celebrities to ignore insults from ‘normal’ people but they don’t have to. I’m glad Seal responded, basically he’s saying don’t make this fame fool you, come at me and I’ll fcuk you up!

  5. In all honesty the man is no oil painting.Is he smiling?Is he laughing?Is he angry? Is he happy?Is he sad?WTF? Your guess is as good as mine.I’m not saying i’m God’s gift to women but damn,i am a fine specimen. I,Gary,am a sexy man! Do the math prick… His “music” is a truck load of garbage and how he manages to maintain a ‘huge’ following is one big mystery.Who buys his music?What does he sing about? How he is up for yet another Grammy is also another unsolved mystery. Ladies and gentlemen,these are just my opinions…do the math prick.

  6. Seal would be sweeping the streets of brixton without Trevor horn.
    I used to see Seal in the bookies(no I’m not joking at all).
    He had a few very basic songs and ideas that clever Trevor totally made into a hit,then Seal went off on a total i want to only work with Black musicians and sound engineers tangent and guess what…his album flopped.Then he went begging Trevor horn to take him back,which he did,Trevor never got the credit for being clever.Then Seal,sealed his master plan by getting hold of a famous white bird that secretly lusts after black anaconda.
    But defo his offspring look like him!.The woman is seriously deranged.

  7. how is that threatening his children’s innocence!? I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone to state who is and isn’t ugly but what a pathetic reaction.

  8. You are ugly Seal and your wife is not the most beautiful/ She is old and ugly too. Oh btw should say EX wife LMAOOOOOOOOO

  9. Seal is not ugly but whatever…
    @Wendib according to the tabloids they are headed for splitsville.
    lol @melissadelicious
    oh @Gary have a seat _/ as a matter of fact have a few of them _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
    lol Heidi is lovely but certainly not the most beautiful woman in the world…

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