Rishona Downes

Ramona Downes

Via The Metro

Rishona Downes, 25, and her older sister Ramona Downes, 27, splashed out more than £4,000 on breast enlargement surgery in an attempt to boost their confidence.

Ramona’s boyfriend had complained that ‘other girls had bigger t***’, while Rishona felt her breasts were sagging after the birth of her son.

But the pair now face jail after they were convicted of fraud.

The jury heard they paid for their operations using details supplied by a friend who worked for a credit card provider. Continue Reading….

[Thanks Yinka]

All I can do is kiss my teeth!

Did Dumb and Dumber really think they would get away with this? And don’t even get me started on the FOOL who worked for a credit card company and supplied them with details. 

Ramona’s boyfriend had complained that ‘other girls had bigger t***’

Look where trying to please a man has got this woman.

They are all an embarrassment!

First the tragic news about the young woman who flew out to America to get her buttocks enlarged in a hotel room and now this! 

When did black women in this country become so stupidly obsessed with getting bigger bottoms and breasts BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY??? We are seriously losing it ladies.      

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  1. I think we have got it in our heads that men like it, but mostly insecurities and low self esteem. Atleast pay it wih your own money(not that it is any better, but atleast you don’t get jailed for being doubly dumb)

  2. The sad part is that now Black women think they have to do what others do. Most Black women that i know have nice breasts and butts. They don’t feel the need to go shopping for one. But now we have this new wave of silly Black folks copying others. Why when they look great! And if any woman lets a man tear their self esteem down…then shame on them. Then obviously he i s not the right man for you. Now they are facing jail time and for what..Something they already have that probably don’t need improvement. Once again a case of Black folks now doing what others are doing. Others need to do because they don’t have what we Black folks were born with. That’s right!!! It’s ashamed that we still don’t see ourselves as really beautiful! Remember the song James Brown sung….SAY IT LOUD I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!!!!!!!!! And also the saying Black is Beautiful… Hey maybe some Black women should watch that TV show on BET MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. It’s on line and it’s a show about uplifting Black women…. Hell i watched it with my girlfriend and thought it was cool… I just loved seeing all the sisters in one place being positive about their beauty…..

  3. All I wanna know is are those pictures before or after the op? those boobies look normal to me!

    And where is this stupid man that wanted them bigger now that they are facing jail time?? KMT! what a shame.

  4. All it took was for one man to comment on the lack of boobs that his girlfriend had, now she has to spenf 4y years away from her kids. Was it really worth it? Dyam ass!

  5. Frakking toasters with low self esteem/self worth. Your boo goes other chic’s tits are bigger, then that’s a dealbreaker, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

  6. DaMN! At least get the man who complained to buy them. I thought ghetto bishes where supposed to be golddiggers!

  7. “And don’t even get me started on the FOOL who worked for a credit card company and supplied them with details.”

    That thieving cow has stung us for £8500 in unpaid rent; plus has 4 other known addresses all racking up benefits and debts… Hope she rots in jail!!

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