The 2011 Brit Awards ended a couple of hours ago at London’s O2 Arena. The event, hosted by actor James Corden thankfully wasn’t a long drawn out affair and the two hours flew by.


1) Cheryl Cole went home empty handed.

2) I enjoyed Rihanna’s performance and Adele was exceptional.

Watch footage of both performances below.


1) Plan B telling the world that he’s conquered Soul music and now wants to make a Reggae album. My advice to the rapper/singer is to LEAVE REGGAE ALONE!!! STAY AWAY!!! I dun talk!

2) Mark Ronson. Mr “I think I’m so cool” has to be the most annoying individual in music.

3) Robbie Williams constantly shouting “Shabba” during Take That’s acceptance speech. Why he felt the need to bring Shabba in to it I don’t know.

4) Winner Tinie Tempah calling for producer Labrinth to join him on stage.  Then it all got a bit awkward when a visibly upset Tinie said he wouldn’t accept the award without collaborator Labrinth, and just stood on stage in silence for a few seconds waiting, forgetting that the Brits airs live and runs on a tight schedule . But Labrinth was M.I.A (missing in action). My guess is he was locked in a toilet cubicle somewhere in the arena.

5) Cheryl Cole appearing on stage to present an award. She really didn’t need to be there.

6) Winner Justin Bieber’s laughable attempt at pretending to look shocked/surprised when he was announced as the winner of his category.  Justin had been told beforehand, that’s why he was there.

Check out the winners list below.

British Male Solo Artist:

Plan B

British Female Solo Artist:

Laura Marling

British Breakthrough Act:

Tinie Tempah

British Group:

Take That

British Single:

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

MasterCard British Album of the Year:

Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

International Male Solo Artist:

Cee Lo Green

International Female Solo Artist:


International Breakthrough Act:

Justin Bieber

International Group:

Arcade Fire

International Album:

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Critics’ Choice:

Jessie J

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  1. “If you sound like that, all you need is a piano” – True that.
    I’ve watched her performance on Jool’s on BBC HD Preview so many times, it’s now part of my daily ritual. I kinda miss when vocalists just stood there and sang their little hearts out…Damn you short attention spans.

  2. Didn’t watch the awards so didn’t hear Plan B’s comment – but surely he was joking about conquering soul music? And doing Reggae next?? Nah mate. Maybe he saw Ali Campbell on BBC’s Reggae Britannia and thought “I could do that”

  3. Plan B needs to sit down and rest himself! About wanting to ‘conquer’ Reggae – don’t make me laugh bruv!

  4. I want peoples opinion on something please. Is it ok for british singers to sing in an American accent. That, for me, is the reason I can’t get all hyped about Adele & Jessie J like evryone else is.

  5. @ blair witch. Jessie J, I like her when she talks, but I can’t get hyped neither. She doesn’t sing she does that awful talking singing thing all the so called r@b stars do. She just does it the best in the U.K. Adele is okay. But you are right. Soul is soul, so sing your heart out in your owna twang, or else how can it be soul (i.e “comes from within”). As for that nonsense Plan B. I don’t even rate him none at all. After even Ali Campbell nah say nuttin! Plan B, please don’t try reggae. Not whilst Jah Cure or any of the old heads are still alive. Brazen Culture Vulture!

  6. most singers in the U.K learnt how to sing by imitating the greats from the U.S so it’s just the way they know how to sing and I have no problem with it (if they do it well). How you phrase verses while singing is something you learn from whoever you grew up listening to. Jessie J is really good, after checking her out on youtube I have to give it up to her. The songs she has released so far are not as good as what I have heard from her on youtube just singing live.

  7. compared to he Grammy’s and the AMA’s there arent that many choices are there. …

    Plan B all now I still do not know what he is famous for but keep hearing his name mentioned.

    Jessie J all now I do not get the hype. I have been told to give her a chance but I wish she would go and sit down wit her man dem wherever dem dedeh. cha backside NEXT

    Tinie Tempah bless his sexy geek fashion.

  8. There must be non British Born folks speaking in a British accent as a result of being in Britain for too long, the same goes for many Black Glasgow immigrants speaking in a Glaswegian accent, the same goes for immigrants in America. The same goes for Ian Clarke who is formerly from Ireland and now speaks like he is a Ugandan. The same goes for thise who go back to their homelands and speak their mother tongue in a foreign accent. 🙂

  9. I thought that the change in accents is brought on by interacting with a particular people for too long. If i speak with a certain people everday, it’s most likely i am going to pick up the accent or some bit of it at some point. I am assuming it is the same with singing, listening to some artists for too long and singing along would bring on the same effect.

  10. @Karl Nova, surprised you didn’t mention Sophie Ellis-Bextor. And there are always few people, whose singing voices are very different from their talking voices.
    @lati, I know what you mean. For me it all depends who I’m talking to. For a born & bred Nigerian, I’ve been confused as an American or English.

  11. @Lati: yeah but someone could have the most english of accents when speaking e.g Amy Winehouse but when singing sounds totally different!

    @Adaobi: yeah Sophie too! I forgot about her.

  12. Thanks for your views guys. Others who I don’t think sing in an American accent. Sade, Kate Bush, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolitle, Lily Allen, Dido etc

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