The British media has gone in to overdrive since the tragic death of student Claudia Aderotimi, who died after receiving a silicone jab to increase her buttocks size in a Philadelphia hotel room.

Now the media is focused on Hip Hop videos and the “obsession” to have big buttocks . Today tabloid rag The Sun published a story about women taking chicken pills to boost the size of their backsides. The Sun reporter who wrote the article is about 15 years too late on this “revelation”. Old news!

Anyway saxophonist Yolanda Brown appeared as a guest presenter on the BBC’s Newsnight to investigate the obsession with big buttocks and the music industry.

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  1. Why did Yolanda Brown even bother to go on the show to talk about this? So what is that the only time the BBC wants to call her to come on TV for? And not the fat that she’s a talented musician? SMH

  2. Firstly, let us not be fooled by the mainspin media’s sudden run with this story. Whenever the mainspin media runs with something, be very suspicious. People have been doing this kind of thing for years as was said in the clip and nobody battered an eyelid. Secondly, the strategy actually being played out here by the mainspin media is to really stoke up more curiosity and thus encourage and promote this cosmetic modification. The surgeons who specialise in this type of operation are already lined up and waiting for the influx of customers.

    Again, this is just part of the “Trends” agenda, seeing who can and will be influenced to go along with these fads. Another thing that should be pointed out here is this constant barrage of implant promotion is desensitising you to having foreign objects place in the body as a normal practice. A breast implant here, a butt implant there, a lip implant………………………then a RFID microchip in your forehand or right hand. By focusing on big items implanted in the body, can you see how most people wouldn’t object to a small chip being placed in them?

    This is ultimately all gearing up and preparing towards the mark of the beast promotion which means that the time to implement this “mark” system must be fast approaching. People who just follow these fads are being set up and are just showing themselves as perfect subjects in an future Orwellian society. Now it begins to make sense when you see so many adverts for this implant and that implant, especially on the London Underground system. You cannot travel up a single escalator or get on one train without seeing some company promoting some sort of implant or cosmetic surgery.

    By stepping out of the line and looking past what they are showing you, you can look down the road and see where the goal lies and that what they are pushing in your face today is leading to something else in the future, and what is the instrument that they are using to programme people with, the television. People who want to retain their own minds for the future are now going to have to face up to the reality that the television was not created for your entertainment, it was created as a tool for mass indoctrination and brainwashing and looking at the way most people behave, mimic what they see on that screen and react under certain conditions, the programming is working.

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