Claudia Aderotimi

Via Sky News

A British woman has died after travelling to America for cosmetic surgery on her buttocks.

Claudia Aduseye Aderotimi who lived in North London, was taken to hospital in Philadelphia suffering from chest pain and having difficulty breathing following the operation on Monday.

The 20-year-old travelled to the US with three friends after arranging the surgery over the internet. Continue Reading….

I am shocked that somebody would arrange this over the Internet, without even bothering to check out the “surgeons” credentials, then travel to America and not even think to question why the procedure is not taking place in a certified sterilized clinic but in a HOTEL ROOM!!!

Via The Daily Mirror

In her last message on Twitter the day she had the jab Claudia tweeted: “I’m goooonneeeeee so faR away.” Popular Claudia, believed to be of Nigerian descent, had performed with hip-hop stars Akon and Sisqo.

She used the stage-name Claudiyah “Superstar” James, and said on a website: “I’m really interested in becoming a full-time actress and model. I also dance and write music.

“I truly believe I can take the world by storm – I just need an agent.” She also boasted that rap star 50 Cent had called her an “African princess”.

Claudia’s devastated family were still coming to terms with the tragedy at their home in Hackney, East London, as they arranged for her body to be flown home. Continue Reading….

Also CLICK HERE to read British Student wanted operation because she wanted to become a ‘Hip Hop’ star via The Daily Mail.

What a complete waste of a young life.

Rest In Peace Claudia Aduseye Aderotimi.

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  1. Crazy to think about the extent people will go to achieve a certain image! Can we blame the media yet? This is so sad.

  2. The hotel room should have been a red flag. It’s highly risky. People take those type of chances all the time, it’s cheap and they get the result they want, unfortunately it doesn’t work out all the time.

  3. What a waste of a life, what a waste! I just read;

    “Miss Aderotimi’s mother, who was comforted by friends and family at her north London home, is too upset to talk or confirm reports that the operation was bought for her daughter as a 21st birthday present”.

    I reallh hope that isn’t true.
    Now she really won’t have to worry about her image and being famous.

    Rest in Peace.

  4. This is just an indication of a society lost, where the media promote different fads and “in trends” and people feel pressured to conform to the latest fashions or be branded as an outcast by their friends. This pressure isn’t just pushed on the young, the old are being brainwashed into thinking that growing old is a bad thing and that perpetual youth is the only way forward. With age comes wisdom and experience. I’ve never seen or heard so many advertisements promoting plastic surgery before.

    Last year this was the in thing, the year before that, that was the in thing and the year before that something else was the “in trend”. You would think that people would clock to the fact that they are just being manipulated and played, and that their willingness to conform simply demonstrates how easy to control, direct and predictable they are. Weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes, breast implants, butt implants, plastic surgery, liposuction etc are all under the same umbrella of appearance alteration, and for what, because you have been lead to believe that without these attachments, you are nothing in this world.

    People should at least begin to question the sources for the promotion of these “trends”, start to think and reason for themselves and not be caught up in this latest fad nonsense and stop hating themselves based on somebody else’s opinion. We are all individuals, we all look different therefore we are not supposed to wear the same things. Tastes should vary from individual to individual. From time the majority of black women have donned weaves on their heads, I know that there is an agenda at work. This goes beyond the realms of fashion, something else is a foot here.

  5. I’m sorry to hear this.But i always wonder why people feel the need to change who they are. She was an attractive lady… I just think it’s sad that she didn’t feel good enough about her self to chill. Now she’s gone and for what bigger boobs! Verbs2011 said it best the trends people follow. I guess for me my people…i jus never been the one to follow. I like who i am and i like how i look and was mande. And even if no one liked the way i look i have a strong mind…and that couldn’t make change who i am. But i do understand that some people just fall for anything. We still don’t get it that who we are as people is fine and beautiful as we are. We don’t have to change who we are because every other race is trying to be like us!!!! I wish her the best in peace….just a waste…. Verbs2011 well said i will have to think more about this and reply again. You made some really good points and it’s funny that is what i always tell people… but they never seem to get it.

  6. Oh well.

    @ least everyone is recognizing that the ass is the best part of a woman.

    Besides her intellect, of course. I’m married.


    PS: My Wife® has BOTH.

  7. I would never understand why people feel the need to mutile their their bodies in order to be called hot by people who don’t even care about them.

    Also if in today society people were valorising achievements (in social, professional,school etc.. area) some tragedies wouldn’t happen.

    Finally why go the USA when Brasil is the mecca of the butt!

    Such of waste of life! R.I.P

  8. @ Moreno

    Notice also that the majority of the accessories being promoted towards women today were first used by prostitutes to enhance their attractiveness on the streets towards pulling more trixs.

    Whoever is behind the promotion of these attachments knows exactly what they are doing. Now items once associated with sleazy lifestyles of the darkside have become the norm for women to use.

  9. She had 3 friends withe her, one of which had a hip enhancement O__O. But none of them could tell her that having the op in the hotel room was suspect? Four stupid women with money to burn! I agree with Verbs, its a trend. When the trend was waif, skinny I had my fat ass and legs same way. Now i’m in trend again sans surgery. Why didnt she just eat some chicken and fufu and do some squats Foolishness, waste of a life. Conodolences to the family, no sympathy for her. Sorry.

    The local paper says her family were unaware of the nature of her trip.

  10. Jeru Da Damaja said it best…

    “Knowledge wisdom understanding is the key to wealth
    Put some clothes on that a** if you respect yourself”

    “With those hooker type wears hon you’re, playin yaself
    With those skin tight jeans baby you’re, playin yaself
    Everything all exposed you’re, playin yaself
    You’re, playin yaself, you’re, playin yaself”

    Claudia Aderotimi’ untimely death, should send a CLEAR message to this generation! Mind, I am sure that there will be i’gnant individuals who will *shrug* at this story and still fass up themselves and allow for some backstreet ‘doctor’ to jook their behind with this mess!

    Jesus take the wheel!!!

  11. Well, this is not surprising.If it is, f**k you.Excuse this girl.She was very young to understand anything. At 20 yrs old,we all wanted bigger muscles,more defined six packs and of course,bigger “engines”…and NO,i’m not talking about cars.

    “I like big butts and i cannot lie..”

    Remember the song?Of course you do! You know the song. You probably sang along to it with your lustful eyes fixated on some young tramp’s buttocks.. Maybe it’s what for ALWAYS look at whenever you meet a new woman…or a distant cousin.

    “i like big butts and i cannot lie..”

    You spend days with your eyes cast to the streets,head and neck overworking…looking left…looking right…looking sideways…searching in vain for the biggest buttocks.

    Your wisdom and superior intelligence has even coined a term for it, “Junk in the truck/trunk!”

    “i like big butts and i cannot lie…”

    Now,young black women are forced to eat vast amounts of food in order to acquire this “junk in the trunk”.And eat they do! 85% of African American women are OBESE!!

    Your love for “junk in the trunk” has put black women at risk of high blood pressure,strained muscles,aching joints,overworking lungs,heart failure,diabetes etc.

    “i like big butts and i cannot lie…”

    It’s a sad reflection of what our society has become. In order to please the next man(who is usually ugly and overweight),women now have to put themselves at risk. RISKING their own lives to please someone who won’t even last one minute and twenty two seconds in bed! What a life!

    They have three options:

    (1). Eat as much as you can.

    (2). Get your body surgically enhanced.

    (3). Stay like that and be ridiculed for the rest of your life.

    This young woman had had it.She had had enough of ‘niggas’ shouting, “Flat ass!” from across the street.Something had to be done and it had to be done as soon as yesterday!

    (By the way,when a black woman’s mind is commited to a certain belief/viewpoint,THAT’S IT!!! You can’t change her. It’s either her way or hell on earth..or both. Jesus said,”give to black woman what belongs to black woman”..)

    We cannot do anything about it ladies and gentlemen. I suggest we sit back,stop complaining, watch it all unfold and prepare for more madness that will DEFINITELY come in future, fubu style.. For us by us…. or f**k u by us.

  12. @ Gary. Your point is the most angry and correct. There used to be a saying-“when a black woman wins, everybody wins”. We, as black women have lost our natural minds. What happened to the black woman who could hold down a family, a man, kick down and run a man (if necessary). Most of us look like transvestites now. We running around, whining about boys, pretending to be men, who act like bitches calling us out about our body parts. Some of these men are probably gay anyway.(Sorry, but any man that goes over and above calling out women, like a bitch, get my gaydar going) Now, we as black women, because we have our cooker, fridge and t.v have reduced ourselves to having what my daughter, eloquently calls “white girl problems”. It’s all about the shallowness now, dahling! Because too many of us are caught up, we are not paying our children any due mind. Yes they have their playstations, clean clothes etc, but now we want to be their “friends”. That’s why the kids love us when they are kids, but hate us as adults. No offence, but this girl’s mother is a healthcare worker. this is not the first time that the girl had surgery. How did the mother not notice the change in her daughter? Furthermore, where is the compatibility between being a university student and a video vixen? You see what happens when we start thinking that we can run with so many mindsets like massa? We never set up the thing, but we are the ones running down what we don’t understand. We are the ones following fashion that we never started. In 40 years, black people have turned fool for other people’s things. WE GOT GOT WHEN THE BLACK WOMAN GOT GOT. TOO MUCH HOLLYWOOD, TOO MUCH TV. TOO MUCH FASHION OVER STYLE. TOO MUCH ANTI MANNISM INSTEAD OF PRO WOMANISM (not gyalism) And it’s gonna get worse, because it is true… Some black women are too hard headed behind their “values” and have gone astray. I’m saying this as a woman. We equate female emancipation with the right to go on with whole heap of nonsense, just like we complain the men do. We have got it twisted, sooo bad.

  13. i can understand folk wanting to get help for their shape but this bum shot was illegal. there are legal methods to do this. the fact that this is illegal in more than one country should have said it all. in brazil a woman died for the same thing. so sad.

  14. The stunner is that the woman who performed the surgery was arrested and then released shortly thereafter.

    This leads me to believe, @ least initially, that what she did wasn’t outright illegal. Not sure how, but the police apparently think so as well.

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