London Ladies is a new “reality” TV show which  focuses on the lives of four professional women who live in the capital, each hoping to find love.

Check out the promo below spotted over at The Lala Report.

By the looks of things this show has yet to be picked up by a major TV network. Unless an executive from BEN TV decides to air the pilot/full season of London Ladies, the girls might just have to make do with posting episodes on YouTube.

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  1. What shit it this? Who gave this life? Who gave them weave? Can someone give them jobs? REAL JOBS!

  2. @ Cheer flloyd “who gave them weave”? quote of the year already. I’m tired of weave, especially Black British weave. We just don’t know how to bloody do it…. and all trying to come up on the good good taxpayers television with that ish… get thee behind me satan!

  3. “I’m a strong independent woman”. I know exactly where that slogan came from:

    However, let us not forget that this same group were singing about sponging of men before this “change” in direction:

    Not one of the black girls in this clip is wearing her own hair, yet each one of them will have their own excuse as to why they are wearing Indian women’s hair on their heads and to make matters worse, one of them is a lesbian. Again, this is just more of the so called “trends” agenda being promoted from a different angle coupled with the “homosexuality is normal” agenda. Will folks actually stop and recognise that they are just being debased and dehumanised further?

  4. @ Verbs. Bwoy yuh serious yuh know, star. I always check for your comments. I know whole heap of follow fashion people are kissing their teeth behind the jewels that you drop. I can’t stand the fake feminism of Beyawnce at all. All she showing people is that you can be the “top chick” in the game, but you still have to “puss jook” (that’s the name i give them for their stiff whining, punny grinding) and wear everlasting weave and no clothes and butt pads. Yeah, right Independent OOman , mi r&*ss!

  5. @Sparkle

    Once you recognise the agenda at work, exposing the tricks and techniques used to influence the public becomes second nature. I have a memory, I remember in the early 90’s when my sisters had long hair that was their own, then the trend switched in the mid to late 90’s to short hair but it was still theirs. Then from about 2001 onwards the weave trend began to slowly take hold and many black women were persuaded that their hair didn’t look good enough and that it was more appropriate to wear not only hair from somebody else on their heads, but hair that had a European look. I’ve watched the transition of my sisters trying to keep up with these never ending trends, trying to seek approval from the European man and his system who will never accept them except as sex tools for their fetishes. It is a sad statement but looking at many black women today is like flicking through a copy of Max Power magazine. Is there any limit to the modifications?

  6. wow finally some UK black woman on TV it’s refreshing to see! I think they all look beautiful and….

    @verbs you sound like the biggest hater… Weave is a fashion trend like the clothes you buy… not everyone is into it but its fashion i dont comment on someone if they chose to wear a skirt or tshirt y do you care about their hair.???

    I’m just glad to see some UK girls get put on TV.. which channel will it be on?

  7. @Hannah

    Not really, I just recognise when an agenda is being played out and how people emulate what they see on television and what they see others around them do without questioning the sources of these “trends”. Weaves were first worn by prostitutes, so was the skirt. If you now feel that a prostitute’s accessories are now a part of fashion then enjoy yourself and don’t screw when men look upon you in a certain manner.

  8. I am in no wise condemning women who use these things, I just feel that they ought to have an idea of who is behind the promotion of these things, where they originally came from and that the promotion is part of a bigger agenda at work.

  9. Erm… why are al you black women so damn hostile? blackpeople are their own worst enemies. Te programme is a ‘reality’ show, and the reality is BLACK WOMEN WEAR WEAVE!!! lol

    Furthermore, all of my white girl friends, apart from one or two WEAR WEAVE!!! If wearing weave is all you black women can talk about, then maybe its YOU that has the problem, and need to find a REAL job, cause obviously the ones you have aren’t keeping you satisfied enough to not have to pick at trivial things such as how someone chooses to wears their hair….

    They had long hair but it was their own, then short hair, blah blah, you sound like a bitter five year old, grow up please, and get a damn life! And are you sure this is not Verbs2011 own blog, seeing as she is the only one who seems to be allowed to have an opinion.

  10. Ms_Kaydine :
    I would love to know which channel will air a pilot of this show?

    I heard it will be airing on BET! I hope so anyway, cause it would be good to have some black representation coming out of the UK for once!

  11. Verbs2011 :
    Not really, I just recognise when an agenda is being played out and how people emulate what they see on television and what they see others around them do without questioning the sources of these “trends”. Weaves were first worn by prostitutes, so was the skirt. If you now feel that a prostitute’s accessories are now a part of fashion then enjoy yourself and don’t screw when men look upon you in a certain manner.

    I have to tell you, you’re talking a loT of rubbish!

    Weave was first worn by the AFRICAN WOMAN, so was make up. The practise of hair weaving has its roots in EGYPT, as does make-up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…… do not allow the white man to brain wash YOU in to believing that you are trying to be THEM by wearing what YOU CREATED!!!!

    In Africa, women stretch their necks, scar their skin, amongst many other rituals in order to comply with what ‘their’ society views as beautiful, why do you not criticise this? Cause their not trying to be white?

    Black women that have commented and said they’re’ tired’ of hair weave….. don’t wear it! Is your hair relaxed? If it is, then you’re a hypocrite, and you need to just say nothing, otherwise you end up making your black self look stupid!

  12. OMG! I have been looking forward to this show coming out, it is good that there is finally some representation of black women in the UK.

    Fair enough they have weave, and don’t have 9-5 jobs, but there’s plenty of room for a show call natural black women of Britain, and Black Women who work 9 to 5…… don’t know how interesting a watch it’ll be, buT if you guys are so passionate about it, then get out there and do something about it.

    Other then bitching about what some people are doing on blogs. LOL

  13. @ Divine Brown

    Assuming that you are not an internet troll, allow me to deal with your foolish statements.
    You seem to be missing the whole point, the fact of the matter is, it isn’t black people that have brought the weave into the fashion arena. Black people do not control the media, this is an orchestrated promotion by Europeans, namely the JewISH sect who control all forms of media on this planet.

    Secondly, there is a difference between African women and Negro women. The so called Negro does not originate out of Africa even though we look very similar in appearance and share similar features. It is because we ran into Africa to escape the Romans in 70AD when Jerusalem was sacked, to hide amongst the other dark races and have been in Africa for such a long period, is why we believe that we as the so called Negroes are African. Africa gave the so called Negro refuge from European affliction between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance Period. Learn something.

    Ham is the father of the Africans according to the scriptures, but not the so called Negro. Zondervan Bible Dictionary Page 213 under Ham reads:


    The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; NOT THE NEGROES, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

    So yes, I’m sure that African women were and do stretch their necks, wore weaves and make up and scarred their skin but my people were not originally doing that. These and other modern behaviours have been pushed onto them by others who have also made those who do not conform to these “trends”, to be looked upon as “outcasts” and people who are not “trendy” and music has been the main tool used to drive these recent and current promotions.

    So on the contrary, I am very aware of the so called European man’s trickery and his hidden agenda. These ornaments were originally used by prostitutes to enhance their outward appearance in order to attract more men. So I state the same thing back to you, do not let the European man brainwash you into thinking that the history behind this attachments is an innocent one.

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