Check out photographs of boy band JLS soaking up the sun poolside in Miami.

Group member Aston Merrygold wearing a head band...

Group member JB and his alleged "girlfriend" Chloe. The Daily Mail also expects us to believe that the "couple" are engaged to be married.

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  1. now what is wrong with his hair…it’s a mess!!!!!!!!! now do any of them have any Black girlfriends??? What’s up with that?? When i see this i just shake my head.. Is a lot of Blacks over in the UK like this?? Just asking… I know people can like whom they like. …but it always amazes me ….that no one seem to like the sisters!!! And they could have at least been cute !!!!!!!!!!! if they would go there

  2. @tymusic now come one brother why can’t you! I feel you though!! I just don’t understand then trend of Black sisters not being desirable!!! It just seems like every successful brother has a non Black girlfriend or wife… I don’t get this and i think i never! My girl is beautiful and Black and dark…can’t do it any other way… I know once again each to his/her own…but i see this so much and i just wonder what people think. And just so that everyone knows this is not about hate….but more so about Black on Black love…. I think Black on Black love is the most amazing thing… I wish so many other Black people thought the same…… but will they….hmmmmm that’s the question…….

  3. moreno :
    now what is wrong with his hair…it’s a mess!!!!!!!!! now do any of them have any Black girlfriends??? What’s up with that?? When i see this i just shake my head.. Is a lot of Blacks over in the UK like this?? Just asking… I know people can like whom they like. …but it always amazes me ….that no one seem to like the sisters!!! And they could have at least been cute !!!!!!!!!!! if they would go there

    Hmmmm, Well regards to this band, one of them is going out with a mixed race girl from the Saturday’s and the other was allegedly with Alexandra Burke (also black) for a while so that’s something. The two pictured are gay so I think them going out with black WOMEN is the least of their problems.

  4. @moreno. Babes, I have to break it to you. I’d say an overwhelming 80% of black “name brand man” are hooked up with white women. It’s gotten so bad over here that if you just do a cursory research on Black or Mixed race English footballers, most of them are with white women. Even the “mixed race” footballers usually go for white and not even mixed race women. It’s got to the point where I just say “well at least that sorts the wheat from the chaff”. And a plainer set of white women you won’t find . No set of white women are plainer than the English. That’s why all now Kate Moss is celebrated as a “beauty” despite photographic evidence to the contrary. It must be why so many white women want a “brown” baby! There, I’ve said it!

  5. @Lis, Adaobi,sparkle Hey I feel what you all are saying but I just think it’s a sad state. You have 2 dudes who are supposed to be gay and they can’t be who they are. I don’t have issue with someone being gay because I believe each to his own. But it’s sad that they cannot be who they are in public. I get that they have an image and have to do what they must. But now I know who Alexandra Burke is she is fine!!! The other girl I have no idea about… But my thing is this and I know what you’re saying is true.. What is wrong with a beautiful Black girl? I see the message that is being sent to all these very impressionable Black young men…that a Black girl is not desired. I look at it like this there is no greater beauty than a Black woman. It disturbs me to see that Black men or people period that don’t want Black love. Here in the USA it’s like that to a degree and it just makes me shake my head. It is as if they have arrived because they have a white woman on their arms. Or better yet as this one dude told me “man I want me a nice white girl because they are better than Black women.” Well once he said that it just saw! I told him your mother Is a Black woman and your sisters and your aunts and grandmother. So you’re telling me a white chick is better than they are…He couldn’t reply! But what it all boils down to is self love and self hate. Now this is my opinion… Some look to other to validate who they are. They have low self esteem and needs to be seen and heard. Plus they still suffer from the slave man mentality. It has seeped in threw out all these years. I hear it all the time if it is not a white woman…now no offense but a white woman is not attractive to me in anyway. Be it Kate Moss or whoever…just not something I look at as beautiful. Ok I know the world tells everyone that a white woman is the …it thing…it think not! I guess I grew up knowing how beautiful Black is and that is how I see it. I have no disillusion about what others see because they can’t think on their own. I see some of the rappers here in the USA they tend to only want to put fair skin girls in their videos. What message is that sending to the youth… The same bull that a lot of so call important Black people are sending. That a Black woman is not beautiful…if she is not fair skin. I mean there are so many issues that affect the Black community and it’s shameful in my opinion. This is not to bash white women or anything like that. But when will we as Black people learn to love each other and not look for love from others. Now of course you fall in love with whom you fall in love with. But most have motives because they want this certain look! Or they need that validation! I still think it’s shameful…that a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN HAS BEEN REDUCED TO NOTHING IN THE MEDIA!!! But what gets me even more is that we allow it! Some Black men perpetuate this stereotype…and you still go out and support them. Makes no sense to me!!!!!!!!!!! Man I’m laughing about how much I wrote..and I feel really passionate about this because I come from a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN. And you can never tell me my mom is not beautiful. But it makes me sick to see that we as a people will never learn. But that one dudes hair….someone please tell him he is not white. Yeah he may be mixed race as you guys call it there….but he sure don’t look!

  6. wtf shut up moreno u cant chat so leave them alone u racsist idiot they are better then u !!!

  7. I’m confused, I commented about his fried hair, when the heck, did I go on about his sexuality? Wetin concern agbero with overload? Oh well, back to his fried hair.

  8. Atikah well i knew there would be at least one fool on here that didn’t get my point!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU’RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is better than me nor am i’m better than anyone else. But they may be better than you …so go find a mind and use it…. No mas puto!!!!!

  9. Atikah i guess because i believe in BLACK LOVE I’M RACIST…..YEAH RIGHT! IF SO THEN I AM…..NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I knew some self hating, black idiot would bash Moreno’s well thought out, self loving, non discriminatory comment. That’s why I tend not to intellectualise these dumb “kneegros”. If they want a pasty white woman, mek dem gwaan. One can’t reason or straight talk with dunces. I remember a white man (who still looked shocked) telling me that his black ex-friend told him that there is “no such thing as an ugly white woman”. My question is: would a white woman with any self esteem really want a black man who is only with her because he hates black women? So when these black dunces get their bank accounts cleaned out and swagger jacked by what they previously thought was a “meek” (i.e not “brawling” like black women) white girl, I laugh until my ribs nearly pop!

  11. @Sparkle i hear you! And i’m glad you understood what i was saying. I also think others would reply more to this if they could. But then again i’m always surprised how so many people don’t like hearing about Black love. Then you get accused of being a racist because you love Black people. But the really sad part is ….it comes from other Blacks. Well a guess that person was Black. And i love having my say about things i believe in. No one has to agree with me..and i’m fine with that…but it won’t make me change my view. So i guess anyone who is Black and have so much love and pride in being Black is racist. Not! I just think we as a people should be smarter than what we seem to come off. We need to take the blinders off and see that we have been conditioned to believe… that we don’t count. And so many of our people feel the need to give others so much power over them. I would just like to shake a lot of Black! But i do understand that when you’re under a spell of self hate…it’s a mutha!!!! But that Black guy you mentioned is a fool….yep a self hating fool! no such thing as a ugly white! now that is too funny to!

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