The trailer for Anuvahood premiered yesterday on The Sun website. The Sun now seems to be embracing ‘black culture’ and anything deemed as remotely “Urban” lately. Positive articles/gossip featuring members from the UK Grime/rap fraternity just seem to be spilling from the newspaper these days. 

To quote the late great Biggie- Things Done Changed!

I however have a long memory Murdoch. So does everyone who is old enough to remember your rag’s past antics when stories involved the black community and your racially charged headlines.

But anyway moving on, check out the trailer below.

Anuvahood created by actor Adam Deacon and Britian’s first “Urban” comedy, will be released nationwide on the 18 March.

Your thoughts please?

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  1. Hmmm, hard to judge a film by a trailer sometimes but I didn’t see anything funny there. From what I saw the media will be comparing his character to Ali G. Bit dubious about the 5 star reviews from RWD and Flavour mags too.

  2. Funny thing, I was thinking of Ali G as I watched Adam Deacon in the trailer. I still have my reservations about the whole ‘white doing black’ thing (why not a black man as the lead?) but from the trailer, this movie could be fun.

  3. The traffic warden! LOOOOOL Seriously, he was the only person to rise a laugh out of me. I doubt I’d even bother watching this on pirate but Adam Deacon acts this ‘roadman’ role almost too well – there ARE actually idiots out there as OTT as he depicts LOL

    Def one for the kids.

  4. On the bright side once they start making spoof UK ‘road’ movies it should mean we can finally put the tired genre to bed and get on with finding the real black actors and film makers.

  5. I think this is gonna be really poor, but the standards of have been lowered so much that drizzle like this will become acceptable and even hailed as a remarkable UK film, in touch with todays generation, KMT! it just seems like utter nonsense, which can be funny, as foolishness often is.

  6. The film isn’t as good as I though and didn’t have as many lol moments as I’d hoped. The trailer has all the nest bits!

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