Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or in his case.. a tub of bleach (Via Twitter).

[Fellow blogger Brixton Girl comment’s on reggae dancehall star Vybz Kartel’s “new image”  thanks to an intense skin lightening regime ]

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  1. Oh seen! Dont forget, it wasnt just “cake soap”, it was “air conditioning” too haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Oh yeah, now that hes lighter, his skin just “smoothed out” according to him. Rightttt!

  2. Apparently his skin lightening regime was the only way he could highlight his multiple tattoo’s. According to Vybz, his tattoo’s were not noticeable enough before, on his dark skin. ridiculous! haha

  3. the funniest thing is – there is a difference between getting lighter because of lack of sun and raatid bleaching.

    vybz knows full well its the story he chooses to tell but nobody is fool not even his fellow islanders

  4. Him coulda bleach likkle more, but he can’t bleach himself into no look good chart. His skin was nice before, natural, dark and glowing. Now he’s trying to take black people for fool like WE don’t know the madness that we do amongst ourselves. Bwoy chat too much till him chat himself into a corner. Kartel, I beg you keep the talking for your records, because you are near to joining my “shame for black people” list. The only person on that list is R.Kelly, another ingrate that tried to “intellectualise” himself out of his self made F%!?ry! Better you take the cuss dem weh yuh due, ‘cos like Mr. Kelly you are on some bang to rights ting!

  5. @ melissadelic. If I cringed at every thing “wrong” that black people did, I’d have to ask myself If I was judging because I deep down mean “what are White people gonna say?” So in order for me to be able to leave out of my house a day time. I, unfortunately have to be way selective or else everybody I talked to would not be Black. Sagging pants, Skinny jeans, Weaves with the tracks exposed, that horrible, greazy, overstretched with relaxer hairstyle with the sharp side parting that has no movement, Ladies outside Black hair shops thinking that it is cool to “beg” to do your hair, that new language “ja-fake-an” that every race and nation in London, under the age of thirty speaks….. That’s before we even reach famous people. I’ve managed to rationalise that one has to dunce to be over influenced by the famous. So, I tend to only feel shame for the person effing up, but can’t cringe on behalf of the whole black race. Sorry.

  6. I know a lot of people who bleach for years and they don’t look like this. I have a strong feeling he is suffering with HIV. The drastic weight loss and the color of his skin just doesn’t look right to me. LADIES BEWARE this man has AIDS.

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