Even before they started filming up and coming urban comedy flick Anuvahood it was being hyped up all over Twitter.  And now folks Britain’s ‘first urban comedy’ is almost here!!!

Creator of Anuvahood and star of hit UK films Kidulthood and Adulthood Adam Deacon, has described this project as being a “Kidulthood meets Friday type thing.”

Well we will see if the film lives up to all expectations when it is released nationwide on 18 March.

Anuvahood also stars Richard Blackwood, Eddie Kadi, Miss Jocelyn, Ashley Walters, Tiny Iron, Boy Better Know’s Jammer, Big Narstie, Jazzie, Levi Roots, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Portia Freno, Femi Oyeniran and Jaime Winstone.

Check out video below which promotes the film and two of it’s main characters.

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  1. mmm – When I see a proper trailor I will make a pre-judgement – but this video does not entice me. Adam Deacon I doubt could ever play a serious character. he is the same character in all the films I have seen him in. I guess he is being himself and not really acting

    Though there is a nice line up of characters in this film -will see

  2. I haven’t peeped the vid yet, but the poster alone looks like some buffoonery ish the US pretty much used up, chewed up, spit out prior to the year 2000. We all know the types that are going to be hitting up the cinema to watch this in March and (if I go to see it just to see what all this hype has been about for a bloody year) I’m already dreading the 300 roadmen in attendance with their girls, dragging them out post dinner (KFC meal) for a movie whooping, hollering and acting all extra.

    Is it me people or is this poster a House Party rip off? Us folks in our late 20’s/30’s have seen this shit before. It’s like they got all movie posters from US black comedies and took the whirla elements from every single one of them. Very unoriginal. One movie poster I did like in all honesty was Noel Clarke’s 4321.

  3. That trailer is not inspiring at all. If that’s a hint of how the movie will be, just man making bare noise, doing all the de rigeur badman posing, and dropping as much road slang as possible, then I see a quick future as a Poundland bargain DVD movie. I hope to be proved wrong. As much as Adam Deacon might know what’s up, I still have a hesitation regarding movies portraying urban/black influenced life made by non blacks.

  4. I’m seeing House Party, yes, anything else? Wait, there’s definitely some CB4 in there, anything else? Of course, I can smell a faint waft of Friday, I’m pretty sure that’s Friday I’m smelling. Anyways…

    And what’s with the title? The money behind this mustn’t of been happy with all the other nods in the direction of the US (the poster, crazy characters sitting on a bench on the estate – not the ‘hood -, female characters forever mad at the wotless males in their lives) they decided to nick their slang for the title of the movie an’ all. Well, I’ve got some US slang for yer: WACK!!

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