Comedian Frankie Boyle is in trouble again!

During a routine on his Channel 4 show Tramadol Nights the star said, “The Commonwealth Games were originally called The Empire Games, it basically started out as a huge slave race.” Adopting a posh voice he added: “William, I think my niggers are quicker than yours.”

In a previous stand-up routine, Boyle discussed how news reports always considered British lives more valued than foreign ones. He said, ‘What gets me is our callousness as a society when we read out our dead on the news first, because our lives are more important. Other people’s aren’t worth as much.’ Boyle then mimicked a newsreader to add, ‘A bomb went off in Kandahar today, killing two British servicemen, three UN relief workers and a whole bunch of Pakis.’

Later he said: ‘The Ministry of Defence? At least in the old days we were honest, it was The Ministry of War.’ He then adopted the tone of a receptionist to say: ‘Hello Ministry of War, department of nigger-bombing, how can I help?’

Advertisers including Nestle and L’Oreal had pulled their commercials after being disgusted by Boyle’s jokes featuring racist language.


Frankie’s brand of satire is just too much at times. Nobody is safe.  However there is truth in what he said about the Commonwealth Games and The Ministry of Defence.

I don’t foresee Channel 4 commissioning a second series of Tramadol Nights.

Check out Frankie in action during his Mock Of The Week Days. Warning – Don’t press play if easily offended.

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  1. Apart from the absolute nonsense he talked about Harvey…there was no need for that. If you don’t like the mother fine, but to attack his defenseless, disabled, innocent son in such a cowardly manner is rubbish.

    The only reason some white folk will find it offensive is because he is throwing them under the bus especially about the war and how they report it, and they are trying to pass on his whole act as racist. People defend and cover up subtle racism everyday. When black folks come up and say that what he said is offensive and cause a storm, or when people from pakistani come up and raise more dust, i will listen. And obviously l’oreal and nestle pulling the adverts just confirms what he is talking about.

    any black folk find this offensive? Would be nice to know. 🙂

  2. What really gets me is that when it comes to racism, action will be taken where it does not really matter and where it is not damaging. He used words that are racist, yes, but he used them because he was trying to put a point accross. Which is, Britain is generally a racist place and they always report things in such a way that covers their asses at the expense of others. He could not have put it any better. And also, that the British media is dumbing down its consumers. Maybe i got the joke back to front.

  3. i love him… he is bang on the money
    this political correctness has gone too far!! he is a comedian.. its HIS JOB TO TAKE THE PISS!!!
    I AM NOT OFFENDED BY HIS HUMOUR COS I SEE THAT HE HAS HIS GUN POINTED AT EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING.. whereas bernard manning had ones sided views with a bitter twist of racism thrown in…
    franki boyle is ahead of his time.. in my humble opinion!

  4. never heard of him till I read about what he said about Jordans disabled son. I doubt I will waste any of my time listening to him. He does not appeal to me.

  5. I don’t know anything about this man, but i don’t like the use of the word NIGGER! I don’t use it and i don’t want other using it as well. Can i stop him…no!!! And i’m surprised those words are not offensive to many! I mean what’s funny about that…even if he has his guns pointed at everyone! it’s not funny even if he is a comedian!! Humor not!

  6. @moreno, my mum hates swearing in music and has valid points. The last thing she’d do is try to stop it as she still understands and accepts why an artist may use it, as its a word that best suits the expression. Im sure you can see he’s using a word that best describes the situation for the correct impact for the joke, and not personally at you or black people in a racist or provocative way.
    Like Ty said, his before his time as the word clearly still affects the older generation no matter how the word is used.
    dumb or smart? 1)a black rapper/comedian calling you personally a nigger 2) a white man using the word in a joke to describe an event exposing a racist past.
    Id expect a white brit wanting to shoot the messenger here.

  7. i think people have have there own versions of the term comedy
    when a comedian uses comedy like this .. you have to look at the context with which he is using it…
    he knows people will get there back up about jordans child he knows people will get their back up about using the word nigger..
    HIS whole comedy style is based on him getting some sort of ooooooh or reaction from you ..i agree its not for everybody
    but to those that havent seen him in action .. AT LEAST WATCH HIS HIM FOR FIVE MINUTES ON ANYTHING! and you will see whats he’s doing….. its not personal ,it provacative
    he aims is stop you breathing or to almost make you choke on yoursandwiche…. like DID he REALLLY JUST SAY…. thats the whole point!!!
    the stuff people are too afraid to say
    … why?
    he is baiting the public….
    and it worked
    trust me i am eagle eyed on watching and observing racism
    thats not what boyle is doing!!!
    its like being annoyed at klitscho for Knocking out black fighters….lol
    ITS HIS JOB!!!!
    AND IF YOU AR FAN OF COMEDY you should be able to see that what he is doing fits HIS BRAND OF COMEDY!! … but if you cant and dont want to .. i thouroughly understand!!!

  8. The context in which he talked about Harvey, does not make sense imo and i don’t see any purpose to it. It’s clear he doesn’t think highly of Jordan( so do many of us), But when it comes to such topics, sometimes the only way to understand Jordan’s reaction and anyone in a similar position, is to be in the same position. It will never be funny imo.

    With this one here, i am not offended at all. I don’t think he is being malicious.

  9. Genuinely trying to raise issues concerning certain people or taking the mickey out of certain nationalities hidden in plain view and getting them to accept it and laugh at themselves????? Let us not forget Ali G who was clearly taking the mickey out of black people, yet many blacks laughed along at themselves and defended him to the hilt when his true motives were questioned. The most obvious interpretation is not always the true hidden one.

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