Cher Lloyd

Tabloid rag The Sun reports that the over-rated and over-hyped Cher LLoyd has signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation.

A “source” disclosed to the newspaper,

“Even though Cher didn’t do terrifically well in the X Factor finals, there’s been a hell of a lot of interest in her. All the labels are on the lookout for sassy, young female artists with bags of attitude, and Cher fits that bill perfectly.”’s backing only intensified the battle to get her signature. After weighing up the pros and cons, it was thought that the team at Roc Nation would be best placed to turn her dreams of stardom into a reality.”

Jay-Z allegedly admitted that he was a fan of her X-factor performances.


It wouldn’t surprise me if this is true. It was only going to be a matter of time before some fool from the world of “urban” music in a powerful position stateside fell for the hype created by Simon Cowell / the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole over here, and signed Cher.

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  1. @Janice if this is true all of these guys Jay z, Will i am are all fools. I just wonder why some of our people so damn stupid!! Man it’s really said that we will fall for anything. That is one of the reasons others thing they can play us anyway they want.

  2. there not fools…. they know that the audiences and the countrries want to hear and see people that look a certain way!!!!!
    theres no point being risky in business
    risk in art is something else..
    this is business!!!
    JAY Z signing lady soveriegn DID WONDERS FOR HIM….. IT MADE HIM LOOK ACCESSIBLE ANDDDISTRACTED THE ENGLISH PUBLIC FROM THINKING of him as a another gangsta rapper.. they started looking at him as an entrepeneuer!! JAY Z MOVES FAST!!

  3. Its one thing to watch this child on TV, its quite another to see if the people that watched her will spend money on her. Cher was very much forced on the public, so her likability factor is not very good. I think the public are tired of being told by Team Simon and Cheryl who they should and shouldnt like. We will see if she can make the cash tills ring, if she cant, she will be on the first thing smoking!!
    Its funny that Simon left her to be signed to ROC Nation, considering he was banging on like she was the “second coming” of Urban music. Maybe his belief in Cher wasnt as strong as he made out to be.

  4. He’s using her for the money, because she sure as shit ain’t talented. It’s a hype ting, and when she isn’t bringing in the paper, she’ll get dropped. It’s a shame Celeb Big Brother is dun, because like Lady Sov she would have been in the running for appearing on the January 2012 show.

  5. Even Stevie Wonder saw she would get some kind of deal from someone. The music business isn’t just about talent. It’s about having or being a gimmick mostly. I mean if that Kesha girl is making and selling records Cher is a sure banker!

  6. she will be the uks answer to Fergie with a mix of lady sovereign thrown in. i am sure mtv base will have her on rotation like they do cheryl for some strange reason – mmm guess i will watch BET online so not to damage my ears

    oh yh its all about the money.

  7. @TY well i guess you see it from another prespective! I never would have thought about it that way. But i guess when all is said and done it’s always about the money! That’s all people seem to care about anyway!

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