Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell

TV presenters Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood who present late night game show The Zone together finally became man and wife in a “surprise” ceremony in New York City on Monday.

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Angellica and Michael in the early noughties when they were both BBC children TV presenters

When I first heard that Angellica and Michael were a couple I was shocked. First off a black British high profile male dating/marrying a black woman (especially one with a chocolate complexion) is simply unheard of – social suicide and secondly I always thought Michael was gay.

But anyway congratulations goes out to the happy couple who are now Britain’s black Richard and Judy.

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  1. I am astonished, shocked and dumb founded!! A successful, high profile Black couple getting married!! Wow! Wonders will never cease. I never ever thought Michael would even look at a sister let alone marry one. My estimation for him as gone up by 100 per cent. Angelica and Michael are now officially my Brit No 1 couple – sod Posh ‘n’ Becks – who needs em when we’ve got Ang and Mike. (Waves British flag with pride) LOL.

  2. Hey i don’t know anything about these two. But i love seeing Black love!!!! So it’s a cool thing. I had no idea this was a rarity over there as well. Some of our successful Blacks on Tv or Sports or anthing that is successful tend to marry others. I always wonder why?? Is it because they feel like they have arrived! Or is it self hatred…. I don’t get it because i see this a lot! If they are not marring White it is Latin…what the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one loves Black people these days?

  3. I’m sure there was a program on about Angelica where she was talking about him a few years ago…Anyway Great to see that they’re still together and now happily married!

  4. I thought he was a little “How You Doing” lol
    I’m glad im wrong.
    Good luck to the happy couple!

  5. Err…she was actually married to a white guy…remember? Anyhoo, don’t care who anyone marries, as long as I don’t get shot/beaten, I’m cool, their business. Good luck.

  6. I think Michael still could be a little fruity lol,… sorry, but I do wish them all the best, Angelica has had it going on for ages, she is sooo pretty,… I hope Mic’ don’t let her down 😉

  7. I wish them all the best. I hope they show black personalities that it doesn’t hurt to date your own colour.

  8. @ondolady . aehm.. he is only half black . I wish them well.

    She is one fine chica , yum.

  9. Woooowww I had no idea they were together let alone married! I also thought he was gay too.. I love this!

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