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Hot 97 radio personality Cipha Sounds (real name Luis Diaz) has been suspended after he said live on air, “the reason I’m H.I.V Negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls”.

Earlier this week, Alexandra Cameron, SVP Market Manager for the station said that Diaz  would not be fired, “he’s a young man who made a mistake, does not have a track record of any malice and we are handling this as an internal matter.”

Diaz has also since apologised for his shocking on-air remark but Haitian Americans are not in a forgiving mood,  calling for the DJ to be fired.

The popular DJ co-hosts the morning show “The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show.”, which airs from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Oh dear… well the proverbial has truly hit the fan here.

A classic example of a successful individual in the media spotlight, under the illusion that he’s at that point in his career where he can say anything and get away with it.

Allhiphop also reports that Hot 97 has revealed that Cipha Sounds will immediately undertake “sensitivity training” focused on the Haitian community and the serious nature of the HIV/AIDS problem within the community.

I don’t see how that’s going to change anything.

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  1. I agree. Unfortunately,Mr.Diaz must Resign. In all facets, his thoughtlessness brain came up as a prejudist individual. There is no excuse for his negative remarks on the air. He is purely discriminative against Haitians. Luis’ collective toughts towards the haitians people are symptoms in society.

  2. He is discriminative against haitians and obviously appears to know little about the HIV topic in general. It was insensitive to both Haitians and HIV positive people. Not all HIV people are that crass with their and other people’s lives. He could get HIV by any other means other than sexual contact.

  3. I think he needs to be fired! He displayed a prejudist that he could have kept to him self. Plus he has millions of listeners that may believe some of that garbage. It’s sad when we forget that what we can say can hurt others. But i know now he’s regreting every word he said. But lets see what happens because they may try to play the people.

  4. No need to be fired, he spoke he’s mind, not that what he said is true but he just said what he felt in he’s heart at the momment, don’t make a big deal out of this,we got bigger things to worry about, suspended temporaily he shall be, but not fired, he’s comment is not going to change anything, the world will remain the same, there are sad this going on right now but this is nothing. Remember…freedom of speach.

  5. @thisriguy & Divakattgurl Well i guess i would sound sincere if i was about to get fired as well. What gets me is how so forgiving Black people can be about anything. We will make and excuse for everyone but our selves. If it had of been a Black man making that kind of comment about a jew…he would have been fired before the day had ended. Because one thing about them is that they stick together. Thisriguy said don’t make a big deal out of it i say why not!!! People always seems to think they can say what the hell they want about Black people and it’s ok! I guess you feel that way as well… You say we have bigger things to worry about and i agree. But those so called small ones should matter as well. Because if he gets away with this…then there will be someone else coming behind him thinking it is ok to call Blacks Niggers! So i say deal with what ever big or small.. And to me it is not a small issue…but an issue. And yes he needs to be fired!!!!!!!!! Oh sincere of course he’s about to loose his job!!!!! Wouldn’t you appear to be. But as you stated he said what he felt at the time…. I don’t understand why so many Black people are so cavalier about everything!!! This is a problem in our community. Oh just turn your head and pretend like you didn’t hear it. I don’t feel sorry for this puto!!!! He said what he meant about Haitians…now he should pay for it. Sincere …yeah sincere mi culo!

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