Founded in August 2010 Bloggers Delight is the newest show to be aired through rising radio station Bang 103.6FM (

The show is made up of some of the UK’s up and coming bloggers/personalities  who engage in lively and sometimes explosive debates each week, that we have with our peers and social circles behind closed doors.

Bloggers Delight founder and host Miss Lala

I highly recommend that you tune in to Bloggers Delight every Wednesday at 6pm (GMT) on Bang 103.6FM and check out the down to earth, honest, blunt, hilarious, controversial and thought-provoking Bloggers Delight crew.

Bloggers Delight co-founder and radio personality Mr Silk

Click HERE and meet the rest of the team.

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  1. Gonna have to check this out. Realised that because mainstream talk is so dead stock and doesn’t appeal to me, I’ve stopped bothering to listen to anything! I need to stop being lazy and seek out things like this.

    Wondering why their logo is a TV though.

  2. @pheva. TV is probably one of the most recognised and oldest media tools which represents and presents popular culture. Popular culture is what the BD team talk about and of course, blog about. I was going to use a computer screen, but its too obvious and I hate the obvious. Defo check out our show. Hope you enjoy.
    Miss Lala. X

  3. I like the show…but i want to comment and you can’t. That is what i miss about some of thier other shows that is no longer on the air…you could give your opinion. But i think Bang Radio is really good!

  4. Oh the other thing i don’t like about it is…it’s only an! I really get into what they have to say…then before you know it…the hour has run out. But i like this show very much….when it 6 pm there it’s 1 pm here. So i’m at work laughing like a mad! But i must say it is really nice to see so many beautiful Black sistas and brothas…doing thier thing!!!!! Keep it coming! Oh but you guys have to listen because if you don’t it will disappear! Just like my show Undercovers…man i’m mad about!

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