Footballer David Beckham won the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the BBC’s Sports Personality Of The Year Awards last night and received a 2 minute standing ovation.

It was emotional….

Now Beckham seems like a nice and down to earth guy, but awarding him with a lifetime achievement award at this point in time doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me.  What has he done to deserve such an accolade?  Apart from playing for Manchester United / England, being easy on the eye, marrying a Spice Girl, modeling, becoming an “ambassador for football”, and becoming mega rich in the process, what else has he done?

Champion jockey AP McCoy topped the vote by BBC viewers to win the Sports Personality of the Year award.

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  1. I can imagine the powers that be, decided to award Beckham a little while ago, around the same time they flew in the Prince [William] to the Fifa world cup bid finals, they thought, bring the world cup (2018) home, award Beckham, as he is our frontman, … but things didn’t quite work out that way,… lol

  2. I reckon he got it because of the shabby way he was treated by Fabio Capello after the World Cup. If you remember, Capello announced that Beckham would no longer be part of the England World Cup team despite the fact that Beckham had expressed a desire to still play international football. I think this is his retirement/pat on the back/shaking hand and now piss off gift. It was nice to see him get the award though even thought it was 15 years too early.

  3. Exactly besides being a fine piece of ass what has he done? Did he ease race relations? Stop World Hunger? GTFOH

    o__O you Brits!! ROTFL Y’all just cosign any old thing. He is not Barak Obama or Oprah Winfrey he has not won a Pulitzer Prize! He is not Ghandi, Mother Teresa… smh

    Is he retired from football? I hear soccer fans put him down. That there are much better players and that the only reason he gets props because he is hot and he is white… *shrugs* go figure. The tears are a nice touch.

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