Actress Vivica Fox appeared on the ridiculous Wendy Williams Show recently and in the middle of answering questions about her personal life (does she plan on having kids with her 20-something boyfriend who is sitting in audience etc) Wendy chips in and asks Vivica who is in her early forties, if she is “still having full periods”.

Oh Wendy…..

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  1. She’s speaking a bit too confidently about having kids with this guy, she should rather just say “I’d love to and if it’s God’s will…” I don’t trust any of these men..

  2. Agree with you girls!

    Also a man who wears shades and a track suit for a TV show says it all in term of his confidence and maturity.

  3. Wendy – “Do you wanna have kids and get married?”
    Vivica – “Yes, absolutely”
    Boyfriend (in his mind) – “Wha…What da f*ck?!! Yeah, keep dreaming b*tch!”

  4. Wish her luck, but think she should have kept it private, what she want may not be what the guy want, she’s putting him on the spot. Janice that would be a bad fantasy if Vivica at this point in her life don’t know that man don’t hang around because of the kids anymore. On another note she looks a bit old for early forties.

  5. Im not mad at Aunty Viv! It’s hard to find a GOOD man at her time of life (and mine for that matter LOL), she looks happy.
    He’s cute as well, so good for her.
    She maybe older, but she had her fair share of men her age and they have not sustained. If this young man is willing to commit for her, then good for her.
    Wendy makes me laugh though “Do you still get your periods” haaaaaaaa!

  6. I saw this episode few months ago and she looks happy. Plus it may just be fun for her and him… But they have been together for a while. Viv is a home girl not the fake Hollywood type. So I’m happy for her no matter how long it may last.

  7. is this the same man who dumped her by posting it online then said sorry couple of days later? im not up to date here.

  8. I had to go on a Google research tip after Moreno’s comment cause I know this only aired in the US some days ago. Seems like Vivica was on Wendy’s show back in March (2010) yabbering on about her new man ‘Slim’ and doing the same thing 9 months later. Aside from her wigs and pumping filler into her face, what is this woman doing? Out of her Set if Off cast mates she should be leaps and bounds ahead. Jada, Queen and Kimberly all have reputable careers. Vivica just seems like a Z-listed joke to me who can’t even be taken seriously when you refer to her as an actress.

  9. @LondonDive what the hell are you talking about!!!! More so what the hell are you doing!!!!!!!!!!! I was at work and my Blackberry buzzed…so i looked at it and read your comment and i freakn laughed so hard and out loud that everyone was looking at! You always know how to make me! Keep it coming are you sure you’re not a! I bet you’re too much fun to hang out with 🙂

  10. @LondonDive just keep doing you…i love it!! I only watched one episode of Friends don’t know many Black people here in the US that did. It was rated double last in African Americans house! Those are the comic Monique;s! But still true!! Thanks for keeping this brother laughing!!!! It always comes on time!

  11. Her face does look bad, and it makes me laugh, because when I see a photo of myself and my cheeks look full, I really don’t like it. Yet these stupid (once pretty) celebs are filling their faces, thinking it makes them look like they have cheekbones. Madness!

  12. @Moreno not the Hollywood type? Did you miss all the plastic surgery? The wig? Oh she may still be “hood” but she has definitely gone Hollywood. LMAO at Wendy for asking that question. I hope Vivica didn’t make herself look like an ass. I like her.

    She is 46 trying to get pregnant?! … I think she should have done that in her 30s it gets harder (physically) tired all the time… and if she don’t get knocked up now she is going to be like 65 when the child is grown!

    So glad that I have one down and for me it is an option to have another, I am approaching 40 and have to really think about that… do I want to go through another 19 years +??? I don’t have the energy like I used to, my niece is 2 and she wears me the hell out!

  13. @Divakattgurl you’re right when i made the mistake of saying she is not the Hollywood type. No i did not miss all the plastic! I think i might have been in lala land. Don’t know what the hell i was! Yeah she is Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!

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