I only found out about this incident yesterday so please forgive the lateness of this post.

Via The Mirror

PIZZA Hut was accused of racism last week after asking a group of black professional footballers to pay in advance for their meals.

The demand was made as a table of white youngsters seated nearby were allowed to settle up after eating.

Five AFC Bournemouth players were stunned when a duty manager told them to pay up front because of “the way you lot look”.

When they refused, staff claimed they were being “disruptive” and called the police.

Officers arrived at the restaurant but took no action after the players, including £2,000-a-week first-team regulars Anton Robinson, Liam Feeney and Marvin Bartley, agreed to leave.

Pizza Hut last night apologised to the League One stars and admitted they had been treated “very shabbily” but insisted there was no racism. Continue Reading….

[Thanks Mr Slik]

To the naive folk out there who believe that racism is no longer an issue in this country –  THINK AGAIN! It’s alive and kicking in shabby Pizza Hut in delightful Bournemouth.

And as for Pizza Hut insisting that there was “no racism”, who the HELL do they think they are kidding?

The biggest joke of all is that Pizza Hut’s latest TV commercial features a black family and some have noticed that since this incident happened they have been airing the commercial a lot more often now. hahahahahahahaha!

*shaking my head*

How much are you all willing to bet that those footballers have already returned to the same Pizza Hut for a meal since receiving an “apology”?

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  1. Oh because of the way they look! Well i will ask what is wrong with the way they look? Oh i see Black!!!!! Well i see things over there are no different than over here. We had 2 situations one was this restaurant called Cracker Barrel they didn’t know that this table of people were undercover agents. So they took their time serving them. And the other case was a place Called Denny’s they didn’t want to serve Black people. But in both cases they took them to court and won!!!!! The way to get these places is to hit them in the pocket…. I’m sure I’m missing some of the story…it’s been a while. Yes racism is a live and well everywhere!!! People need to wake up!!

  2. @Pheva & LondonDiva yes Cracker Barrel is good..i will say so myself. But it had its history. But as i said things changed once you hit in their wallet. Now it is a very diverse! LondonDiva you didn’t go to a Waffle! They have one on every corner in the!

  3. Jan, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Knew this would have you boiling
    Lets leave Pizza Hut and there “waste” Pizza’s
    There food would probably make your belly run lol

  4. @Moreno, no I haven’t ventured to a Waffle House just yet. Cracker Barrel does strike me as a place seeped in a very white Republican history if you catch my drift.

    Oh lawd now I have sausage, pancakes and their maple syrup on my mind.

  5. Err…the first two look dazed & confused, while the third looks like he needs the loo. I doubt those facial expressions would have hindered their ability to pay for their meal. So the only logical conclusions are racism & stupidity. Someone’s ass is soo getting fired. If not, he better be.

  6. @LondonDive well next time try the Waffle House cheap eats and they don’t taste bad. Now it’s not Cracker! And if you remember looking around Cracker Barrel all you see is others pictures on the wall. And it has had a lot of deep racial issues! But now it is all about money and they want all of it. Plus they have been sued so many times. Now you got me thinking about going to Cracker Barrel this! I will let you know how goooooood it! 🙂

  7. Racism will always be there. Some folks hide it so well and as grin in your face but spit in your food when they go in the back to get it. And i am not being overly dramatic. Just a wild thought. 😀

  8. @lati you’re right these things do happen all the time. The sad part is that some of our people refuse to believe it. Yes they skin and grin..but once you walk away…they make nasty comments. So it is not a wild thought!!!

  9. You know what else happens all the time? Black people don’t pay for their meals. They commit crimes at higher rates than anybody else and it sucks that the ones that are good have to deal with this, but we all have to stop denying why these things happen. Too many people in the black community continue to enforce these stereotypes.

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