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A doll shop in Australia has withdrawn a female golliwog soft toy from its prominent window display to avoid offending the Oprah Winfrey roadshow Down Under.

The store in Melbourne, Victoria, removed the ‘Mamee’ washer woman dolls following a visit by Oprah’s production company ahead of a personal appearance by the popular 56-year-old U.S. talk show host.

Golliwogs are deeply offensive because of their perceived links to slavery and racism.

But the Dafel Dolls and Bears shop in Block Arcade – where 110 of Oprah’s guests will attend a cocktail party tonight – will continue to display other golliwogs which do not cast a black figure in such an overtly servile image.

The store owner declined to comment because she had signed a confidentiality agreement with Harpo productions, but confirmed a meeting had taken place.

‘Oprah’s people came… and yes it was discussed,’ a source familiar with the agreement told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper. Continue Reading….

[Thanks Yinka]

So let me get this straight the doll is being removed only because OPRAH IS ROLLING IN TO TOWN. The owner isn’t bothered about upsetting/offending the average black person that enters the store,  she is only bothered about offending the big O.

And once the Big O has left the building out come the mammy washer women golliwog dolls – back up on the shelves!

*shaking my head*

All I can do right now is laugh.


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  1. This should NOT surprise anyone. A lot of Australians are racist. The Australian prime minister recently stated that the government is considering holding a referendum to decide whether Aborigines should be recognised in the constitution!! The plight of Black Australians – who are the OWNERS of Australia- is kept ‘down under’ out of limelight. They need Robert Mugabe there!

  2. It does not surprise me. A former work colleague told me about the blatant racism that goes on in Australia and he was white. Australia depicted their cultural diversity for the olympic audience but behind closed doors tells another story. Have you ever watched their immigrations show at the airports – speaks volumes

  3. So I’m black, live in Melbourne and have been to tht shop before. I can NOT believe that they are removing the doll just because Oprah is visiting. re they going to remove Coon Cheese too? Yes they have a cheese called coon…

  4. well obvious they think the doll is offensive if they took it down. My thing is if someone tells you it is offensive to Black people, why not just take it down. No one cares if the little white kids like it or not. But as it has been said Australia has manyissues. I have i friend who live there and he says the lil respect that is given to Black people is amazing.But some Black people there depending on what world they are trying to fit in will find this doll ok… And Kookie cannot tell me that Australia don’t have madd race issues!!!!!!!! They do and have always had…

  5. wait people actually buy this doll? smh *shrugs* weird how ppl talk about how racist Australia is because everytime I meet one (here) they are nothing but nice.

    I can see Australia is off the vacation list, America isn’t far behind them but we have laws that protect people and here people will call you out… IIt just makes me angry and resentful….

  6. Hahaha the idiots even dressed it like those female slaves. An idol mind is the devil’s workshop.

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